Reema, the impatient!

I have started over 8 blogs, one newsletter and 2 websites.

I have yet to maintain just one.

I’m not sure where this impatient trait comes from but I have always had it. Be it when I was younger and skimmed through books so quick to find out what happened at the end, to starting (NEVER finishing) 5 different degrees at The Open University. I just cannot stop myself from getting bored, or irritated and giving up.

One thing that I have found that I am increasingly patient in, is my relationship with my lovely husband and 10 month old daughter! It’s the only thing I know I have unlimited patience for. Since I genuinely want to keep a blog, inspiration struck me a few days ago, to blog about life with them!

So here I am. This is my little space to blog about products for my daughter, places we visited. moaning about my husband (!) or just products I’ve loved.

I figured if I blog about something I love, I will always want to update it.


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