Wedding! | RAMBLINGS

Weddings are pretty amazing in my culture. So vibrant, so many colours, so much going on! It’s an awesome excuse to get dolled up and actually a really good place to meet someone!

I’m married now, so weddings aren’t as fun as they used to be. A family member got married the other day and I attended.


It was a beautiful location and I loved all the little touches. I remember how much effort it took to piece everything together at my own wedding so you really learn to appreciate it.


E really seemed to enjoy herself. I was quite worried about how she would behave but she was good! She spent most of the time crawling around and the other times eating!



Zoella Tutti Fruity Beauty Range Review!|BEAUTY

I am a huge fan girl when it comes to my favourite YouTubers (I’m nearly 26, probably not classed as a fan ‘girl’ now!) and when Zoe Sugg aka Zoella came out with her second beauty range – the Tutti Fruity summer inspired products – I was very eager to get my hands on them.

I purchased them online at Superdrugs. was pretty excited to see what was in the box! As you can see, I ordered pretty much the whole range as well as Soak Opera, which was part of her first Beauty range.IMG_20150911_134700

I’ve given it a good few months use before writing a review, because sometimes the products are great to start with, but the novelty soon wears off. I am happy to say that I really did love all the products, but I do find myself reaching for some more than others!



This has to be my favourite and most reached for out of the whole range. When I first tried it I loved the smell. It is so summery and fresh! Sound’s a bit weird but I always wonder if Zoe actually smells like it! The lather that is created when you apply it onto wet skin is quite soothing as well. I use it every time I have a shower and still have so much left. As you can see it is quite a big bottle.

I love the packaging as well. It’s bright and cheery and really stands out in my bathroom. I do think that my husband uses it sometimes as well, because I can sometimes smell it from him!

I used to use the Natural Collection Shower gels and this product has now replaced it.



20150911_131409 I love scrubs! I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t. Exfoliating your skin makes you feel so much more clean and refreshed and this particular product smells amazing as well!

It has these pink little beads that disappear when you apply it onto your skin. I must admit that I don’t use it as much as I should but with a 10 month old baby, I don’t always get the time to bring out the scrubs. When I do get the chance, I always reach for this one.

The packaging again is beautiful and fits in well with the range.



I absolutely love this! The smell is fantastic and again very summery. Even though we are now entering Autumn, I still love to wear it. I have found though that my skin does have a bad reaction to it and I get a little rash. I don’t think it’s personal to this product. I find that I can’t always apply the cheaper perfumes on my neck as it starts to irritate my skin and I tend to use more body sprays.

Having said that, I still use it! I just apply it behind my ears and on my wrists and it does the job. The smell compliments the other products in the range and the packaging does the same thing. I didn’t own Zoe’s previous perfume but I’ve seen pictures of the packaging and they are quite similar.



I have very dry skin unfortunately and I’m always on the look out for a body lotion that makes my skin feel soft and refreshed. I had very high hopes for this product. I loved the smell and the packaging is pretty awesome! I loved the fact that it is quite a big bottle!

When applying, you get the little pink beads that then disappear into your skin when you rub it in. It does work – my arms and legs feel much better once I have applied this but I have noticed that the next day they are even more dry. I don’t know if this means that I need to apply more, or apply it regularly but unfortunately I have found that I just don’t reach for this.

Love the name though!



Slightly childish name for this lip balm but it is really good. I purchased it because Zoe described it as very pigmented with the added bonus of moisturising for the lips. My lips do get very dry and I always use the No7 Protect and Perfect lip balm. This little pink tub works wonders!

It smells fantastic and I tend to keep it in my bag for when my lips start to feel dry. You can apply a little to just moisten your lips or apply more to get a lovely hot pink colour!


ZOELLA COIN PURSE20150911_131859

Last but not least, the coin purse! I really liked the look of it. It’s small so it can fit into most handbags and it’s such a pretty tropical colour! Mine has actually gotten really dirty because my concealer always seems to leak (!) but normally it is quite clean.

I love the design on the front and the fact that it can fit quite a lot inside! After purchasing this, I went out and bought the other make up bag that I showed in a previous post as I needed something a bit bigger. This doesn’t hold my Sleek eyeshadow pallette, but I think I might need to invest in some smaller pallettes!

Happy Anniversay! | HUSBAND

13009_589700997738307_1210928786_n 1044314_10201615626984788_672405676_n

So it was my 2 year anniversary last week. Last year I was pregnant and even though it is a big milestone to reach your first married year, we decided not to do anything. I think we just spent the day together, went out to dinner etc. This year I knew that I wanted to do something so I had planned it all out. 2 nights in London, stay at a lovely hotel, go to see a musical in the theatre and even go to Madame Tussauds (as the hubby hasn’t been there!) When I told him my plans he said “No, let me plan it.”

So I did.

I know, I know, men are not really good at this stuff, but my husband is! He’s always good at surprises and knowing what I would enjoy. So we sent E off with her Nanna for the weekend and the hubby reveals he purchased a DVD for us to watch.

At first I was disappointed. I mean, a DVD and eating leftover food from 2 days ago is not my idea of a cosy anniversary. However I am grateful. The DVD he purchased was the sequel to the first film we ever watched together. That is quite sentimental I think! (still wished he would have made dinner or at least gone out to a restaurant!)

I got some nice little presents though.

Oh and my family surprised us both with a lovely cake!


We went to Rome, Italy on our honeymoon (which was AMAZING) so he purchased the Colosseum Pandora charm for me and a cat charm (we have 2 cats!)

I also sneaked in some Tanya Burr cosmetics so he kindly purchased those for me!


The cake was a surprise from the family. I couldn’t get a better picture of it but it was beautiful and tasted yummy!



Sassy Bloom Box 1 Review | BABY

I found Sassy Bloom through an advertisement on Facebook and it looked pretty cool. A subscription box for kids where the products cost over £50 but you only pay £25? (that was a long sentence!) After browsing reviews and looking at previous products people have received, I filled out the form BUT didn’t go through with it. I’m not sure why.

My older sister saw that I had liked the page and she went and purchased it for her son! After I had seen the products she had received I went ahead and ordered one for my daughter.

I will say that the delivery took ages. I was waiting for over 10 days so I sent them a quick email and they sent the box the next day, with an apology.

So, onto the actual products. The products arrive in a beautiful box. I unfortunately threw away the box with one of the products inside by accident…….  more on that later. Aside from my stupidity, the box is lovely. It’s quite big, made from sturdy material and it has such a cute bow on the side.


Spilly Spoon Medicine Spoon RRP £4.99


I still haven’t used this product yet. It looks pretty cool. If you have a child that doesn’t like sipping from a spoon or it’s difficult to get them to take their medicine, then this is perfect. It’s a non spill spoon which makes it easier for all the medicine to go in the right direction! At the moment E (10 months old) is happy to take medicine – weird, I know! – but I’m pretty sure this will come in handy when she is older

Melissa and Doug Flapping Flower RRP £7.99

FLOWER               20150904_173249

I have to be honest, I was a bit disappointed with this product.

PROS: It looks fantastic! It’s wooden, with really brightly coloured parts of the flower.

CONS:It doesn’t do much. You just click the little petals back and forth. There isn’t much noise either!

E does pick this up from her toy box every now and then. She will sit down and spend about 2 minutes just clicking the petals and then she finds something else to play with! At least it looks good in the toy box!

Doidy Cup RRP £3.80

CUP    20150904_125813

I was VERY excited when I saw this. E keeps destroying all cups I purchase for her and it’s about time I got a trainer cup and she is getting older now.

PROS: As you will have seen in last week’s post I have now got the perfect cup, but this is quite good as well. It’s a funny little shaped cup, where it’s tilted so the child can see what’s inside. That was the best thing I found about this cup as E was so interested in drinking from it because she could see the water inside.

CONS: It spills everywhere. I don’t know about you but E throws her cup after she has had a sip – that’s fine if it has a lid but not with this cup! Right now, I only give it to her when I am sitting with her.

Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew Chewy & Co RRP £11.99


This was the product that was still in the box when I threw it away, accidentally. I feel really sad since it was one of the more expensive products in the box! However I don’t think would have used it. She is one of those babies who doesn’t take a teether and chews on everything OTHER than what she is meant to.

Munchkin 10 Squirtin’ Sea Buddies RRP £10.00

BATH  20150904_180711

When my sister purchased her box she was trying to find the right non-spill cup for her son. She was amused to find that SassyBloom had sent her a Nuby cup as part of that month’s box. I have been looking for bath toys for a long time now. We have quite a few but really enjoys playing in the bath and the toys can be quite expensive. When I saw this product in the box I was SO EXCITED!

PROS: It is beautiful. Seriously. There are 10 toys, which is brilliant. They are the perfect size and SO brightly coloured. I love the variety of animals and they all have little squirter’s in different places when the water comes out. They all come in a little tub where you can just pop the toys back in to store them. This is by far one of my most favourite things in the box and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Munchkin brand.

CONS: None.

Playskool Tambourine RRP £12.99

TAMBOURINE    20150904_173203

For some reason, this product isn’t listed as something I received in my box, but i did! I’m not sure if it was an error, or a surprise but I love it! Oh and obviously loves it as well! It’s a little tambourine that plays music when you shake it. The music speeds up or slows down depending on how fast you shake it.

PROS: It’s the perfect size for little hands. It has 6 tunes that play and one of them is the instrumental version to Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. I sometimes keep shaking the toy till the song comes on, then slow it down! It sound’s fantastic. The volume is good, the music is good and it really makes the child think and move!

CONS: Nothing! Love it!


I am incredibly happy with the box and I’m excited to receive the next one. Our favourite toy is definitely the Tambourine.

For more information on Sassy Bloom, or if you want to purchase a box visit


Username: Evie by Joe Sugg|BOOK REVIEW

Username Evie

I honestly was not expecting much from this graphic novel. I don’t know why, but I assumed it was either going to be boring or too complicated to follow. I used to LOVE graphic novels – particularly Buffy the Vampire Slayer ones! I guess I just grew out of them or stopped looking for them in the library. Anyway, my expectations were not that great.

How wrong was I.

Seriously. Username Evie Blurb

I finished this in under an hour. I genuinely could not put the book down. The storyline was really good! So emotional but parts were actually really funny. The illustrations were amazing. When you have to tell a story with just pictures and a few words it can seem quite hard but I think Joe and his team did it really well.

Username: Evie is about a young girl who finds she doesn’t really fit in well anywhere. Bullied at school, ignored everywhere else, she just wants a chance to be herself. This story follows Evie, as her father creates a virtual world for her where she can be just that.

It’s quite a bizarre story and not realistic at all, but you still find yourself gripped into the storyline and wanting to find out what is going to happen next! I will say that there were a lot of predictable parts but equally there were parts I completely did not expect and a few emotional ones.

My favourite character has to be Unity. I like Evie as well but I feel that Unity has quite an interesting character in this graphic novel! The cover of the book is fantastic, as is everything inside it.

Well done Joe Sugg! You should be really proud.


Spontaneous Sainsbury Haul! | BABY

I live right next to quite a big Sainsbury supermarket so when I pop in to purchase one thing, I ALWAYS walk out with four more! Everyone tells you take a shopping list with you, so you avoid making stupid purchases. So this was my shopping list:


This is what I ended up purchasing (excluding the baby):


As you can see, I probably purchased 4 out of 8 products that were on my list and 5 extra things! As soon as I walked in to Sainsburys, they had a HUGE display on all things baby. I picked up 4 other things and had to force myself to put them down because I knew my husband would KILL me if I purchased them!

I am glad with the rest of the spontaneous purchases though as I really DID need them.

Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes


I have always purchased No7 make up remover, which is in a liquid form. I found that recently it made my skin really oily so I purchased a lotion instead and Johnson’s facial wipes which were fantastic! So they were on my list to repurchase again but when I went down the aisle, they were back to normal price of £3. These Simple wipes were on offer at 3 for 2 and worked out cheaper than buying 3 of the Johnson’s wipes!

The last time I tried them, they didn’t work well on my skin, but everything changed after I had my baby. Hopefully they will work now.

Dettol Surface Cleanser

BEFORE                                  AFTER

20150907_130829   20150907_131505 20150907_131536

Again, something I really did need to purchase. I started using the anti-bacterial wipes to clean my daughter high chair tray.I It is annoying how dirty it can get. I found the wipes still left a bit of dirt, plus stray cat hair’s and dust! Really impressed with this spray as it completely wipes it clean!

Munchkin Trainer Cup

20150907_130842 20150907_132705 20150907_133140

I love this brand so much. They always make really good quality products. I am a sucker for these kind of things as I am always looking for something better. My daughter currently drinks out of a Nuby non spill cup (the pink one) but she’s managed to make a few holes in the top (thank’s to the teeth!) so it now spills everywhere. So when I saw this, I thought hey! This might work! It’s a trainer cup which let’s you drink out of it at a 360 degrees angle (basically from any angle around the cup) and it doesn’t spill. I tried it out and could not work out how to get the water out – until I actually tried to drink out of it and you have to suck at rim of the cup – my daughter currently bites the rim of all the cup’s she has! Still, it took her a few minutes to work it out and she loves it!

Munchkin Plates

20150907_130849  20150907_13142520150907_131409

Another product I was looking for. We currently have this horrible Pound shop plate, where the plastic picture is actually scrubbing off! (Picture on the far right) So I was trying to find a nice looking plate, that wasn’t too heavy for her as well. These are perfect. There are a few colours and the design is engraved into the plate which is perfect.

Munchkin Bath Toy Scoop


My daughter loves her bath time and she has gathered quite a few toys. Whenever my husband and I have a shower we just gather everything in the corner of the bath as we cannot be bothered to take it all out! So I did need something that would hold it all together. I haven’t tried it yet but hopefully it is as great as it looks! I think the idea with this is once bath,time is over and the toys have dried, scoop them all up with the scooper thing and then slot it onto the bracket on the wall!

I had a quick look at the instructions and you don’t need to screw anything into the tiles – it’s apparently a very strong glue like adhesive.

I will have to see how this one pan’s out!

Ella’s Kitchen Prune, Prunes, Prunes


My poor little daughter does get constipated at times, so I just purchased this to see if it would help. Apparently fruit’s beginning with P are meant to be quite good for that kind of thing. (That’s also why I went shopping for pears, peaches and plums!)


One Of Those Days….|RAMBLINGS

Having a bad day and it’s only 9.30am! woke up at 4am, crying but still asleep! She does this sometimes when she knows her dummy isn’t in her mouth. So I had to get up, pop her dummy back in her mouth and she was ok. I went back to bed and she wakes up again at 6am – this time, wide awake ready to get up. Bearing in mind she normally wakes up at 8am, I did try and get her to go back to sleep but she wouldn’t.

Anyway, we are both up now. She’s crying and moody so I thought, hey, let’s go for a walk and get some breakfast! 20150912_084357 20150912_091445

That didn’t work either. She was content for about 10 minutes but continued to get annoyed. I had to leave my breakfast and come home as she was so tired. On the way home, drops Lamby (her favourite toy) in the mud. Great.

I’ve put her down for a nap now and I can still hear her banging the sides of the cot. I thought she was tired!!


I really hope the rest of the day is better.



Superdrug Haul | BEAUTY

I hardly ever get the chance to shop in Superdrug because I can always find the same products cheaper in Boots, plus the Boots Advantage Card is much better than the Superdrug Beauty Card in my opinion. However Zoella’s beauty range and Tanya Burr’s new collection are only available to purchase in Superdrug or feel unique, so off I went to purchase them!


Actually I only went to purchase Tanya Burr’s new collection but I spotted a make-up bag from Zoe’s range that I didn’t have, as well as a completely random purchase!

Tanya Burr’s Daydream Lip gloss

20150831_115924  20150831_115939

At least I think it is Daydream. I cannot find the name anywhere and after a quick skim through the website, Daydream looked like the closest match. I hate lip gloss. It’s always so sticky and over the top. I heard good things about this though so I purchased it to try out. I am actually really happy with it! It isn’t sticky at all and feels really nice on the lips. I love the smell of it (watermelon!) and I love the packaging! I would definitely give this a go if you like a shiny lip.

Zoella’s Just Say Yes Make-up Bag

20150831_115446  20150831_115911

I already own Zoe’s coin purse which is a bit too small for my everyday make-up. I spotted this in Superdrug and just had to purchase it. It is such a lovely make-up bag. I love how much space there is for the make-up that I like to wear every day, plus it does fit into my bag ( I do have a rather oversized bag though!)

Nivea Tinted Moisturising Cream


This was the random purchase. I normally wear a moisturiser that I purchase from Pakistan and a cleanser/toner from Garnier. I’ve never worn a tinted moisturiser before though. My older sister was purchasing one after seeing my younger sister wearing it and commented on how smooth it made her skin look. I thought hey, I might as well give it a go! I am so glad that I did. It’s such a nice feeling cream. I love how smooth it actually is, plus the colour is spot on. It doesn’t dry my skin out either and gives it a nice even tone.


Boots Haul | BEAUTY

I haven’t been shopping in a while – something that does happen when you have a small child! It just so happened that my older sister was popping into town and my husband was at home to look after my daughter so I managed to get away for a few hours. I thought it might be a nice idea to show you what I purchased as I am LOVING it all!

So this is what I purchased from Boots.


Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer 

Starting with the best! This is a regular purchase for myself. I love it. No other concealer works as well as this done and it’s so cheap (under £5) so you can’t go wrong! The only thing I don’t like about it is that it does leak. I have tried my best to take out minimal product but every time, somehow, when you screw the lid back on, a little bit of product leaks out. Regardless, it’s still too good of a product to stop using.


Loreal True Match Powder

I tend to only wear concealer and never foundation, so I find that it does wear off quite quickly. After watching some video’s on YouTube, most beauty guru’s recommend a powder on top to lock it all in. I went to Boots in search of a Soap & Glory pressed powder but alas they were out of stock! I ended up walking past a Loreal stand with a 3 for 2 offer on and I spotted this powder. It is actually really amazing! It works really well on my skin and it has this cool little double sided mirror on the flipside! I like the little sponge it comes with as well.


Loreal Volume Million Lashes

I do love mascara and I’m always looking for one better than Benefit’s Roller Lash. I only picked this up as it was part of the 3 for 2 offer but oh, my, gosh is it amazing. It’s got this curved little wand so I only had to apply one layer and it reached ALL of my lashes in one sweep. The volume was amazing. I loved the effect it had on my lower lashes as well. Not only that but its lasting power is incredible – I applied it in the morning and come evening it looked exactly the same!

20150831_115608 20150831_115627

Loreal Super Liner

Nothing can beat my Collection 2000 Fast Stroke eyeliner – I’ve never purchased any other liquid eyeliner after discovering that one. Again, as part of the offer I picked this up just to try it out. It’s a felt tip end and quite easy to apply. You are guaranteed to always be able to create a nice wing with this pen HOWEVER….. I still revert back to my holy grail. I just found that it rubbed off quite easy and smudged easily as well.