Superdrug Haul | BEAUTY

I hardly ever get the chance to shop in Superdrug because I can always find the same products cheaper in Boots, plus the Boots Advantage Card is much better than the Superdrug Beauty Card in my opinion. However Zoella’s beauty range and Tanya Burr’s new collection are only available to purchase in Superdrug or feel unique, so off I went to purchase them!


Actually I only went to purchase Tanya Burr’s new collection but I spotted a make-up bag from Zoe’s range that I didn’t have, as well as a completely random purchase!

Tanya Burr’s Daydream Lip gloss

20150831_115924  20150831_115939

At least I think it is Daydream. I cannot find the name anywhere and after a quick skim through the website, Daydream looked like the closest match. I hate lip gloss. It’s always so sticky and over the top. I heard good things about this though so I purchased it to try out. I am actually really happy with it! It isn’t sticky at all and feels really nice on the lips. I love the smell of it (watermelon!) and I love the packaging! I would definitely give this a go if you like a shiny lip.

Zoella’s Just Say Yes Make-up Bag

20150831_115446  20150831_115911

I already own Zoe’s coin purse which is a bit too small for my everyday make-up. I spotted this in Superdrug and just had to purchase it. It is such a lovely make-up bag. I love how much space there is for the make-up that I like to wear every day, plus it does fit into my bag ( I do have a rather oversized bag though!)

Nivea Tinted Moisturising Cream


This was the random purchase. I normally wear a moisturiser that I purchase from Pakistan and a cleanser/toner from Garnier. I’ve never worn a tinted moisturiser before though. My older sister was purchasing one after seeing my younger sister wearing it and commented on how smooth it made her skin look. I thought hey, I might as well give it a go! I am so glad that I did. It’s such a nice feeling cream. I love how smooth it actually is, plus the colour is spot on. It doesn’t dry my skin out either and gives it a nice even tone.


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