One Of Those Days….|RAMBLINGS

Having a bad day and it’s only 9.30am! woke up at 4am, crying but still asleep! She does this sometimes when she knows her dummy isn’t in her mouth. So I had to get up, pop her dummy back in her mouth and she was ok. I went back to bed and she wakes up again at 6am – this time, wide awake ready to get up. Bearing in mind she normally wakes up at 8am, I did try and get her to go back to sleep but she wouldn’t.

Anyway, we are both up now. She’s crying and moody so I thought, hey, let’s go for a walk and get some breakfast! 20150912_084357 20150912_091445

That didn’t work either. She was content for about 10 minutes but continued to get annoyed. I had to leave my breakfast and come home as she was so tired. On the way home, drops Lamby (her favourite toy) in the mud. Great.

I’ve put her down for a nap now and I can still hear her banging the sides of the cot. I thought she was tired!!


I really hope the rest of the day is better.



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