Spontaneous Sainsbury Haul! | BABY

I live right next to quite a big Sainsbury supermarket so when I pop in to purchase one thing, I ALWAYS walk out with four more! Everyone tells you take a shopping list with you, so you avoid making stupid purchases. So this was my shopping list:


This is what I ended up purchasing (excluding the baby):


As you can see, I probably purchased 4 out of 8 products that were on my list and 5 extra things! As soon as I walked in to Sainsburys, they had a HUGE display on all things baby. I picked up 4 other things and had to force myself to put them down because I knew my husband would KILL me if I purchased them!

I am glad with the rest of the spontaneous purchases though as I really DID need them.

Simple Facial Cleansing Wipes


I have always purchased No7 make up remover, which is in a liquid form. I found that recently it made my skin really oily so I purchased a lotion instead and Johnson’s facial wipes which were fantastic! So they were on my list to repurchase again but when I went down the aisle, they were back to normal price of £3. These Simple wipes were on offer at 3 for 2 and worked out cheaper than buying 3 of the Johnson’s wipes!

The last time I tried them, they didn’t work well on my skin, but everything changed after I had my baby. Hopefully they will work now.

Dettol Surface Cleanser

BEFORE                                  AFTER

20150907_130829   20150907_131505 20150907_131536

Again, something I really did need to purchase. I started using the anti-bacterial wipes to clean my daughter high chair tray.I It is annoying how dirty it can get. I found the wipes still left a bit of dirt, plus stray cat hair’s and dust! Really impressed with this spray as it completely wipes it clean!

Munchkin Trainer Cup

20150907_130842 20150907_132705 20150907_133140

I love this brand so much. They always make really good quality products. I am a sucker for these kind of things as I am always looking for something better. My daughter currently drinks out of a Nuby non spill cup (the pink one) but she’s managed to make a few holes in the top (thank’s to the teeth!) so it now spills everywhere. So when I saw this, I thought hey! This might work! It’s a trainer cup which let’s you drink out of it at a 360 degrees angle (basically from any angle around the cup) and it doesn’t spill. I tried it out and could not work out how to get the water out – until I actually tried to drink out of it and you have to suck at rim of the cup – my daughter currently bites the rim of all the cup’s she has! Still, it took her a few minutes to work it out and she loves it!

Munchkin Plates

20150907_130849  20150907_13142520150907_131409

Another product I was looking for. We currently have this horrible Pound shop plate, where the plastic picture is actually scrubbing off! (Picture on the far right) So I was trying to find a nice looking plate, that wasn’t too heavy for her as well. These are perfect. There are a few colours and the design is engraved into the plate which is perfect.

Munchkin Bath Toy Scoop


My daughter loves her bath time and she has gathered quite a few toys. Whenever my husband and I have a shower we just gather everything in the corner of the bath as we cannot be bothered to take it all out! So I did need something that would hold it all together. I haven’t tried it yet but hopefully it is as great as it looks! I think the idea with this is once bath,time is over and the toys have dried, scoop them all up with the scooper thing and then slot it onto the bracket on the wall!

I had a quick look at the instructions and you don’t need to screw anything into the tiles – it’s apparently a very strong glue like adhesive.

I will have to see how this one pan’s out!

Ella’s Kitchen Prune, Prunes, Prunes


My poor little daughter does get constipated at times, so I just purchased this to see if it would help. Apparently fruit’s beginning with P are meant to be quite good for that kind of thing. (That’s also why I went shopping for pears, peaches and plums!)


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