Sassy Bloom Box 1 Review | BABY

I found Sassy Bloom through an advertisement on Facebook and it looked pretty cool. A subscription box for kids where the products cost over £50 but you only pay £25? (that was a long sentence!) After browsing reviews and looking at previous products people have received, I filled out the form BUT didn’t go through with it. I’m not sure why.

My older sister saw that I had liked the page and she went and purchased it for her son! After I had seen the products she had received I went ahead and ordered one for my daughter.

I will say that the delivery took ages. I was waiting for over 10 days so I sent them a quick email and they sent the box the next day, with an apology.

So, onto the actual products. The products arrive in a beautiful box. I unfortunately threw away the box with one of the products inside by accident…….  more on that later. Aside from my stupidity, the box is lovely. It’s quite big, made from sturdy material and it has such a cute bow on the side.


Spilly Spoon Medicine Spoon RRP £4.99


I still haven’t used this product yet. It looks pretty cool. If you have a child that doesn’t like sipping from a spoon or it’s difficult to get them to take their medicine, then this is perfect. It’s a non spill spoon which makes it easier for all the medicine to go in the right direction! At the moment E (10 months old) is happy to take medicine – weird, I know! – but I’m pretty sure this will come in handy when she is older

Melissa and Doug Flapping Flower RRP £7.99

FLOWER               20150904_173249

I have to be honest, I was a bit disappointed with this product.

PROS: It looks fantastic! It’s wooden, with really brightly coloured parts of the flower.

CONS:It doesn’t do much. You just click the little petals back and forth. There isn’t much noise either!

E does pick this up from her toy box every now and then. She will sit down and spend about 2 minutes just clicking the petals and then she finds something else to play with! At least it looks good in the toy box!

Doidy Cup RRP £3.80

CUP    20150904_125813

I was VERY excited when I saw this. E keeps destroying all cups I purchase for her and it’s about time I got a trainer cup and she is getting older now.

PROS: As you will have seen in last week’s post I have now got the perfect cup, but this is quite good as well. It’s a funny little shaped cup, where it’s tilted so the child can see what’s inside. That was the best thing I found about this cup as E was so interested in drinking from it because she could see the water inside.

CONS: It spills everywhere. I don’t know about you but E throws her cup after she has had a sip – that’s fine if it has a lid but not with this cup! Right now, I only give it to her when I am sitting with her.

Cheeky Chompers Neckerchew Chewy & Co RRP £11.99


This was the product that was still in the box when I threw it away, accidentally. I feel really sad since it was one of the more expensive products in the box! However I don’t think would have used it. She is one of those babies who doesn’t take a teether and chews on everything OTHER than what she is meant to.

Munchkin 10 Squirtin’ Sea Buddies RRP £10.00

BATH  20150904_180711

When my sister purchased her box she was trying to find the right non-spill cup for her son. She was amused to find that SassyBloom had sent her a Nuby cup as part of that month’s box. I have been looking for bath toys for a long time now. We have quite a few but really enjoys playing in the bath and the toys can be quite expensive. When I saw this product in the box I was SO EXCITED!

PROS: It is beautiful. Seriously. There are 10 toys, which is brilliant. They are the perfect size and SO brightly coloured. I love the variety of animals and they all have little squirter’s in different places when the water comes out. They all come in a little tub where you can just pop the toys back in to store them. This is by far one of my most favourite things in the box and i LOVE LOVE LOVE the Munchkin brand.

CONS: None.

Playskool Tambourine RRP £12.99

TAMBOURINE    20150904_173203

For some reason, this product isn’t listed as something I received in my box, but i did! I’m not sure if it was an error, or a surprise but I love it! Oh and obviously loves it as well! It’s a little tambourine that plays music when you shake it. The music speeds up or slows down depending on how fast you shake it.

PROS: It’s the perfect size for little hands. It has 6 tunes that play and one of them is the instrumental version to Lady Gaga’s Just Dance. I sometimes keep shaking the toy till the song comes on, then slow it down! It sound’s fantastic. The volume is good, the music is good and it really makes the child think and move!

CONS: Nothing! Love it!


I am incredibly happy with the box and I’m excited to receive the next one. Our favourite toy is definitely the Tambourine.

For more information on Sassy Bloom, or if you want to purchase a box visit


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