Happy Anniversay! | HUSBAND

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So it was my 2 year anniversary last week. Last year I was pregnant and even though it is a big milestone to reach your first married year, we decided not to do anything. I think we just spent the day together, went out to dinner etc. This year I knew that I wanted to do something so I had planned it all out. 2 nights in London, stay at a lovely hotel, go to see a musical in the theatre and even go to Madame Tussauds (as the hubby hasn’t been there!) When I told him my plans he said “No, let me plan it.”

So I did.

I know, I know, men are not really good at this stuff, but my husband is! He’s always good at surprises and knowing what I would enjoy. So we sent E off with her Nanna for the weekend and the hubby reveals he purchased a DVD for us to watch.

At first I was disappointed. I mean, a DVD and eating leftover food from 2 days ago is not my idea of a cosy anniversary. However I am grateful. The DVD he purchased was the sequel to the first film we ever watched together. That is quite sentimental I think! (still wished he would have made dinner or at least gone out to a restaurant!)

I got some nice little presents though.

Oh and my family surprised us both with a lovely cake!


We went to Rome, Italy on our honeymoon (which was AMAZING) so he purchased the Colosseum Pandora charm for me and a cat charm (we have 2 cats!)

I also sneaked in some Tanya Burr cosmetics so he kindly purchased those for me!


The cake was a surprise from the family. I couldn’t get a better picture of it but it was beautiful and tasted yummy!



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