Zoella Tutti Fruity Beauty Range Review!|BEAUTY

I am a huge fan girl when it comes to my favourite YouTubers (I’m nearly 26, probably not classed as a fan ‘girl’ now!) and when Zoe Sugg aka Zoella came out with her second beauty range – the Tutti Fruity summer inspired products – I was very eager to get my hands on them.

I purchased them online at Superdrugs. was pretty excited to see what was in the box! As you can see, I ordered pretty much the whole range as well as Soak Opera, which was part of her first Beauty range.IMG_20150911_134700

I’ve given it a good few months use before writing a review, because sometimes the products are great to start with, but the novelty soon wears off. I am happy to say that I really did love all the products, but I do find myself reaching for some more than others!



This has to be my favourite and most reached for out of the whole range. When I first tried it I loved the smell. It is so summery and fresh! Sound’s a bit weird but I always wonder if Zoe actually smells like it! The lather that is created when you apply it onto wet skin is quite soothing as well. I use it every time I have a shower and still have so much left. As you can see it is quite a big bottle.

I love the packaging as well. It’s bright and cheery and really stands out in my bathroom. I do think that my husband uses it sometimes as well, because I can sometimes smell it from him!

I used to use the Natural Collection Shower gels and this product has now replaced it.



20150911_131409 I love scrubs! I don’t really know anyone who doesn’t. Exfoliating your skin makes you feel so much more clean and refreshed and this particular product smells amazing as well!

It has these pink little beads that disappear when you apply it onto your skin. I must admit that I don’t use it as much as I should but with a 10 month old baby, I don’t always get the time to bring out the scrubs. When I do get the chance, I always reach for this one.

The packaging again is beautiful and fits in well with the range.



I absolutely love this! The smell is fantastic and again very summery. Even though we are now entering Autumn, I still love to wear it. I have found though that my skin does have a bad reaction to it and I get a little rash. I don’t think it’s personal to this product. I find that I can’t always apply the cheaper perfumes on my neck as it starts to irritate my skin and I tend to use more body sprays.

Having said that, I still use it! I just apply it behind my ears and on my wrists and it does the job. The smell compliments the other products in the range and the packaging does the same thing. I didn’t own Zoe’s previous perfume but I’ve seen pictures of the packaging and they are quite similar.



I have very dry skin unfortunately and I’m always on the look out for a body lotion that makes my skin feel soft and refreshed. I had very high hopes for this product. I loved the smell and the packaging is pretty awesome! I loved the fact that it is quite a big bottle!

When applying, you get the little pink beads that then disappear into your skin when you rub it in. It does work – my arms and legs feel much better once I have applied this but I have noticed that the next day they are even more dry. I don’t know if this means that I need to apply more, or apply it regularly but unfortunately I have found that I just don’t reach for this.

Love the name though!



Slightly childish name for this lip balm but it is really good. I purchased it because Zoe described it as very pigmented with the added bonus of moisturising for the lips. My lips do get very dry and I always use the No7 Protect and Perfect lip balm. This little pink tub works wonders!

It smells fantastic and I tend to keep it in my bag for when my lips start to feel dry. You can apply a little to just moisten your lips or apply more to get a lovely hot pink colour!


ZOELLA COIN PURSE20150911_131859

Last but not least, the coin purse! I really liked the look of it. It’s small so it can fit into most handbags and it’s such a pretty tropical colour! Mine has actually gotten really dirty because my concealer always seems to leak (!) but normally it is quite clean.

I love the design on the front and the fact that it can fit quite a lot inside! After purchasing this, I went out and bought the other make up bag that I showed in a previous post as I needed something a bit bigger. This doesn’t hold my Sleek eyeshadow pallette, but I think I might need to invest in some smaller pallettes!


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