September Favourites! | FAVOURITES

This is what I have loved in the month of September!


Simple Make Up Wipes

I never used to use make up wipes as my skin always felt weird afterwards. Simple make up wipes never used to suit my skin either but I purchased them on a spontaneous shopping trip to Sainsburys (click here to read that blog post!) and I absolutely LOVE them. I use them every night (every night is a lazy night, currently!) and my skin feels so light and refreshed afterwards. I love how I only need to use one for my whole face so the pack will last me quite a long time!



Munchkin Bath Scooper

I purchased this in that same shopping trip to Sainsburys  (click here to read that blog post!) and I don’t know how I lived without it. If you have children who love playing with toys in the bath, this is such a good purchase. Once bath time is over, scoop up all the toys with the scooper. Give it a couple of seconds for the water to drain out of the scooper and then hook it on the wall. You get strong adhesive strips to attach a part to the wall that you can hook the scooper onto. So far, so good, they seem pretty strong and water resistant as well. I love it. It’s such a practical purchase!


MAKEUPMake Up Addiction “The Luxury Eye Set”

I’ve purchased my first set of professional make up brushes at the beginning of the month. A lot of people tell you a good brush will do the work for you, but I have never really thought that was true. They are right! These brushes are amazing. So soft, and I love the design. They feel really good on your skin and in your hand, when you use them. I love how they make applying concealer really effortless! So glad I made this purchase.


Tanya Burr Lip gloss

I’ve already done a blog post on Tanya Burr’s lip gloss (click here to read that blog post!) and I am happy to say that I still love it. I’ve popped it in my make up bag and whenever I’m at home and need to freshen up without applying lipstick, I use the lip gloss. I just love the formulation. It isn’t sticky, it smells AMAZING and it looks so good in my make up bag20150831_115924

Zoella’s Let’s Spritz

This is my go to spray at the moment. I barely wear anything else and that is simply because it smells amazing! I’ve also previously written a blog post about it and the rest of the Tutti Fruity range by Zoella (click here to read that blog post!) but this has to be a strong favourite for the month of September!



MTV’s Ex On The Beach

I don’t even know why I find this so entertaining but it is. If you have never watched it before, it’s a reality tv show where a whole bunch of people live in a villa (somewhere) and every week one or two ex-boyfriend/girlfriends show up to wreak havoc! It sound’s boring but it is so hilarious. For example, you have a guy getting on really well with a girl in the house. 2 weeks later, his ex shows up (and he still has feelings for her) It all kicks off, what’s going to happen next! It’s well worth a watch.


The Great British Bake Off

Does it really need an introduction? A competition cooking show where a whole bunch of people (can’t remember how many at the start!) compete to make all sorts of baked goodies. Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood are the experts on the show. Each week, the bakers have to complete three challenges and at the end of the episode, one leaves. It is so funny to watch and I love seeing things go wrong in the kitchen!


The Michalaks


I have come across The Michalaks (YouTube channel here) quite recently, through another YouTuber (Meg Says) and I hate that I didn’t watch them before. They consist of a family of 3 – Hannah and Steff Michalak and their son Grayson. They do a weekly vlog showing clips of their lives. I just love how different the vlogs are. They do all the normal stuff but then they have these candid shots, really good scenery shots, drone footage, great music, great angles! I just love how much thought has been put into creating that content. I’m still quite behind on the vlogs as I am watching it from the beginning (currently just watched the 2014 Christmas episode!) and I love how real they are. Hannah is a real mother, dealing with real issues.



Inside Out Thought Bubbles

I am so addicted! To the point that I have it on my iPad AND my phone. The idea is just to ping the memory bubbles onto a matching colour and clear the level. I used to play Beehive Bedlam alot as a kid (or Bejewelled is similar) and it just reminds me of that! There is something oddly satisfying about matching colours and completing a level. The good thing about this game (and what links it to Inside Out) is that you collect all the characters. I have currently collected Joy, Sadness and Anger. Oh and the best thing about the game is that it’s free!


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