That’s Not My… review | BABY

For those of you that have children, I am certain that you have heard of the Usborne range of books. They publish books for ages 0-16 and one of the most famous books for babies is the That’s Not My.. range. There are over 42 titles and really encourage children to explore and test boundaries with books.

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loves this range. She does own quite a few as I am an Independant Organiser for Usborne (meaning I sell the books as a small hobby!) but I always find that she loves to sit down on her own and look through it or she wants us to read it to her.

20150911_132013 They are board books, so they are perfect to throw around and even sometimes nibble on! I found that a lot of mums would say that they don’t buy books for young babies as they will ruin them. I can’t even tear these books up as they are so sturdy.

The idea behind them is repetitiveness. Each book has pretty much the same story. It goes through lot’s of reasons why “that’s not my hamster. It’s nose is too rough!” etc until the last page where you find your animal.


I love how bright and colourful they are.

likes to sit there and run her hands across all the pages as each page has a touchy-feely part to it. She used to have the Kitten and Meerkat version and then we lost it! Her favourite is the Hamster book and very recently I have given her the Fox version.

I would 100% recommend it for young children, up to the age of 2 at least. They are normally £6.99 in price but you can buy them on special offer in some stores and through me!

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