Glossy Box September Review | BEAUTY

I have been oohing and aahing about purchasing the Glossybox for a while now. I LOVE the idea of a subscription box and especially now that I have and don’t really have time to go out and buy new beauty products, the idea of it all being delivered to you sounds good. Plus you don’t know what you are getting and it’s a bit like getting a present on your birthday (every month!)


I spotted an advert on Facebook where the September box was being advertised with an offer of a free box as well. So for £10 I would get both boxes. I needed no more nudging and purchased it straight away! So here is what was inside the September box. (I will probably do another blog post on the second box!)

20151001_185724 Box Number 1 is the Style Edition Collectors Box with a very fancy looking design. You open it up and get all the welcome papers etc and the card that shows you more detail on each product. In all honestly I never even looked at anything else other than the products and the card! You have to love the quotes inside the lid of the box as well!


20151001_185846 I’ve already thought of a few ideas on where I can use the ribbon that came with the box and the actual box itself! I think I was more excited about that and forgot about the actual products for a few minutes!


Finally, after opening the box here are the contents! Really quite happy with this as there are things that I would normally never purchase or even know about. At least I can try them and see what they are like. The best thing about this box is that there are 5 full size products in it, so you really do get your money’s worth.

Marsk Eyeshadow Brush Pro

I’ve only recently gotten into using good make up brushes and was quite happy to get another one to try out! This is an eye shadow brush. Luckily for me it blends in really well wit my Make up Addiction brushes as they also have a wooden finish. I actually like using the sponge applicators that come with eyeshadow palettes but I gave this a go. Not really sure how I feel about it as it is lovely to hold but I found I had to apply quite a lot of eyeshadow.  Every time I brushed over it, it took away some of the shadow that was already on? So I’m not sure if it was the eyeshadow or the brush that was the problem.


Bellapierre Shimmer Powder

I have always wanted to try out single eyeshadow pots especially foil ones. I own full palettes and mostly nude colours. This was a shimmer metallic silver kind of colour and looked pretty cool! I used this with the eyeshadow brush and I’m not 100% sure if I like it or not. I feel like I have to give it another go, maybe with some primer underneath. I’ve added a photo underneath on how it looked. Maybe if I had added some more eyeshadow underneath it and then applied this on top or in the corners it would have looked better?

20151001_190003   20151002_142355

Nails Inc Nail Polish

I have never owned a Nails Inc nail polish before but have always heard good things about them. I was SO excited to see that one had been included in this box! The colour is soooo beautiful as well, so of course I had to try it on. It applies so easily and dries really quickly. The colour is a lovely pink/nude and has a really nice shine to it. I did start to hate the brush though, as it’s quite small so it means you have to apply more coats. After a few days of wearing it, it did start to chip as well but that’s quite normal with nail polishes!

20151001_190106 20151002_125335


I was quite intrigued about this product. I am one of those people who always gets headaches when wearing my hair in a ponytail so the idea of a band that would not leave a kink in your hear, pull out your hair or give you a headache, sounded like a great idea! It was one of the first things I tried as soon as I opened up the box!

20151001_190137 It felt really nice to pull into a ponytail Even though it looks like a wire, it was actually really comfortable to wear. I did leave it in overnight to really test it out. The first thing I noticed was that you don’t feel it in your hair at all. With normal hair bobbles, you do feel it at the back of your head but this was perfect. When pulling it off my hair, I was happy to find that it did not pull a single hair out!

However it did leave a huge kink in my hair. The kink from this bobble is probably worse that any of my normal hair bands.


Maria Nila Luminous Colour Masque

Last, but not least, the hair mask! I haven’t actually tried this yet but it smells great and I love the packaging. I am not really one to apply any kind of treatment to my hair. I believe you just apply it to damp hair, leave in for 3 minutes and then rinse it off. It is supposed to help with damaged hair or to protect coloured hair. I will have to try this out when I get time, as with a baby, I am lucky to get 5 minutes in the shower!


So that’s all from October’s box. I feel like I will carry on wearing the nail polish more than anything else in the box! I will be doing another blog post with products from the free box I received soon!


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