Sassy Bloom Box 2 REVIEW | BABY

I was so excited to receive the next Sassy Bloom box, after the first one arrived. I mean, all the things inside the box are actually for but I was way more excited! I waited… and waited…. and waited. Really disappointed actually because I received the box 5 days after the date that all boxes should arrive.


I had already seen the products that my sister received in her box (for my nephew) and there was some AMAZING stuff. I know that all boxes are different but our kids are 1 month apart and our boxes couldn’t be any more different.


I am a little disappointed in what we received this month, simply because it was pretty much ALL bath related products. I know that I said before, that loves bath toys but they should have mixed it up a little bit. 1 bath product in a box would be fine. I think I got 3 bath related things!

Anyway, on to the products.

A-Z Bath Storage Bag with Suction Cup RRP £5.00

This is actually quite cute. It’s a little storage bag to place all the bath toys in after they’ve been used. It’s got a little suction cap on the bag and the bag is a wire/mesh type material. I have to admit the monkey does look cute!

PROS: I’ve had it stuck up on the bathroom wall for over a week now and it is still there, which is pretty good in my eyes! Plus it’s a cute design!

CONS: it’s a little bit small in terms of storage space. I can only get about 3 toys in there.


Munchkin Squirt N Strain Fruit Basket RRP £5.99

The second bath product we received! Obviously I love the munchkin brand.

PROS: this actually came in handy whilst giving E a bath! She played with it a little but I found myself using it to wash her hair! It has little holes in the bottom where the water pours out.

CONS: the toy fruit don’t actually fit in the basket which was a little annoying!


Funky Giraffe Dribble Bandana Bib Pink RRP £5.00

When was born, I found the Funky Giraffe website as I was browsing for cool looking bibs. The website is amazing and I was ready to purchase pretty much EVERY COLOUR in all designs! Thankfully for my bank balance, I didn’t but I was happy to get it in the box.

PROS: The design is pretty, it has two fastening points which will come in handy! I love the material and it looks like it will wash well. It fits well around the neck and has a little ruffled design, which is quite different.

CONS: did not like wearing it at first, but then she forgot all about it. I think this will be a recurring thing every time I put it on her. Never mind!

wpid-wp-1444617317918.jpg    wpid-wp-1444617341845.jpg

B Kids Bath Stacking Pals RRP £10.00

Another bath toy! I haven’t used this yet so can’t comment much on it, but the age for using it is 12 months. At the moment E only puts toys in her mouth rather than play with them properly so I think I will wait before I open it.


Munchkin 3 Hot Bowls RRP £4.99

I did previously look at hot bowls because I think they are quite handy. The strip in the middle turns white if the food is too hot and helps kids work out when they can or cannot eat something. Sometimes you don’t know how hot the food is – I really like warm bowls! Of course we love the Munchkin brand as well.

I have too many plates at the moment so I haven’t opened these, plus it says it’s for toddlers so we aren’t quite at that age yet.


Birthday Surprise by Milo Ferreira RRP £2.00

PROS: This is a nice book, perfect for this month as it is her birthday soon.

CONS: This is not so much a negative point with the book, but more about E. She does love books but she likes turning pages and constantly flipping back and forth. As this is a paper book, the pages are very thin and she can’t turn them herself yet. I will have to keep it in her bedroom and read it to her myself.



All in all it wasn’t a great box. Im sure the bath toys will be used over time but i want so keen on everything else. Our favourite toy I guess is the fruit basket bath toy!

For more information on Sassy Bloom, or if you want to purchase a box visit


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