E’s 1st Birthday Party! | BABY


It was her birthday earlier on in the month and as it’s her first, I had to go all out. My house is too small, so my mother in law kindly let me use her house to decorate and invite everyone to. We had planned 2 days – on her actual birthday we invited a few people and children to a soft place centre. Then, the next day we had a full blown party with food, decoration, etc. It was crazy. I don’t think I will do something this big until she is 5 years old i think!

Above is what the conservatory looked like before I started. I sat down in her highchair and gave her some food to keep her busy whilst I decorated the whole place. She was perfect and didn’t move until I was finished!


This is what it looked like after! I was SO happy with it! It is a Pocoyo themed birthday party. adores Pocoyo, so the main colours were blue, yellow and pink. The lanterns were purchased from Ebay and were ridiculously cheap and easy to assemble. I just used some string to hang it from the ceiling. Balloons were all purchased from card factory, as is the bunting on the table and the big number 1 balloon.


How cute is this banner! I didn’t add Happy 1st Birthday, because when she is 18, we will bring this banner out again and use it at her party. This was £10 from Asda – bargain!


I made this banner myself, in the same theme colours. The card was purchased cheap on Ebay and I just used white poster paint to draw on the letters. It was all attached onto string and onto the wall.


I saw this idea on Pinterest and I am going to use it every year. Their age in photographs! I think I used around 13 photographs and made a number 1 with them.

Food is always going to be a big part of a birthday party! As the party started at 3pm, I decided to do finger food. We had cakes, crisps, sweets, samosas, biscuits, sandwiches and lot’s of adult party food as well. I think I had over 40 guests and ALL the food was gone by the end of the night!

20151017_143711 20151017_143717

These cake stands were purchased online as well, on Ebay and are disposable. I have kept them as I think they will be really good to use again for next year. Always have to have sweets and chocolates!


20151016_182741  How cute is this cake! This was made by a lovely lady on Facebook, I believe her name is Magic Moments. I will link to her profile here. The cake was SO yummy. I ordered cupcakes in the themed colours and asked her to make a small cake for us to cut. Somehow, she made quite a big cake for us to cut! We had so many cupcakes left over as well, so that’s a lesson for next time! Maybe one big cake is a better idea than individual cupcakes!





Party bags are pretty important at a kids birthday party. I just purchased these lovely food boxes ridiculously cheap from ebay, in the themed colours. I then made a thank you card, printed it out and glued it onto the front of the box. Inside I just added milkybar buttons, a candy watch, a game, activity pad, coloured pencils, bubbles and a glow stick.

I think they looked really cute and even had one spare left over which I added to E’s time capsule!

20151016_180233I’ve had this idea for a little while. I’m really into memories and making sure I am making enough records of things we have done. has 2 baby record books, a first year scrapbook and a box full of her “first clothes” and my favourite clothes for her. I had to add a time capsule which we will open on her 18th birthday! I just used an old nappy wipes box (the multi-pack box) and painted it all, then wrote a sign on the front. I also printed out little cards for people to sign on what they think she will be when she is older and who they are etc. It was a nice little touch to the day, I think!

I still cannot believe how many presents she actually got in the end. The picture that I took on the left is halfway through the day. I think she ended up with over 30 gifts!  She was very happy looking through them all the next morning! I have decided to give her a new toy every few days, so she isn’t overwhelmed by it all. So far, the Pocoyo books are her favourite. I think I love a little bracelet that 2 of my friend’s purchased for her.

     20151017_143744    20151018_112257


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