Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg | BOOK REVIEW

Girl Online On Tour

I could not wait till Zoe’s second book in the Girl Online series arrived in the post.  Why?

  1. Because I enjoyed the first book so much I wanted to see what happened to the characters
  2. I managed to get a signed copy!

Girl Online On Tour Signed

When it finally did arrive, I had to give myself a few days to fit some time in read it. In reality, once I started reading, I couldn’t put it down and finished it in one day! I just want to say that I am NOT disappointed. I absolutely loved everything that she did with the characters and in my eyes, the ending was perfect. Maybe not how people wanted it to end, but it was realistic and I love that about books.

For those who haven’t read Girl Online, Penny is back and her bag’s are packed! She is off to spend 2 weeks on tour with her rockstar boyfriend Noah. Unfortunately with his busy schedule, unwelcome band mates and a possible stalker, Penny starts to miss home, her friends and wonders whether this lifestyle is really for her.Girl Online On Tour Blurb

I can’t stress how well written this is. Last time there were a lot of issues with people claiming Zoe did not write the first novel herself but this time she was clear that she did write it, with help from her editor. Regardless, I loved it. I think she stayed true to the characters. It’s quite a bulky book actually, but there is so much to say and so many characters story lines that I think it is the right length.

My favourite character will have to be Penny and Leah. Leah is Noah’s “fake” ex girlfriend, who is a mega star in her own right and of course Penny is the main character.  They are both likeable and you cry, laugh, wince and moan with Penny! At some points in the book, Penny really started reminding me of Mia, from The Princess Diaries, by Meg Cabot.

I would rate this 5 stars! Weldon Zoe, you’ve really done us proud!


2 thoughts on “Girl Online On Tour by Zoe Sugg | BOOK REVIEW

    1. I would because its all about growing up and discovering who you want to be. There is a little bit if romance but nothing suggestive and a few growing up themes! The book is great, I definetly recommend getting it


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