Sassy Bloom Box 3 Review | BABY

This will be the last Sassy Bloom box review, as I found it wasn’t worth it to keep paying £30 every month and receiving semi okay products. This is the October box. I’ve left it a while to review it as I wanted to use the products for a while before making a judgement on it.

20151028_190307I haven’t enjoyed the previous boxes but this looked really promising as it was full of what looked like some lovely toys!

First Steps Fun Gears Learning Toy RRP £7.99

This was the first toy saw and immediately wanted to play with. It’s a little toy where you turn the gear at the bottom and the rest of the spinning wheels turn.

PROS: Lot’s of lovely colours and the idea behind it is quite good. It’s quite a problem solving toy, I think.

CONS: At the moment, all she wants to do is take all the gears off the board. Eventually she will learn to put them back into place and then work out how to make everything turn.


Vital Cutlery Orange and Yellow RRP £4.99

I was quite happy to get this as I only have one cutlery set at the moment and you do need a few!

PROS: I actually really love this. We haven’t used everything yet, just the spoon and fork. She loves holding the fork in her hand and trying to get food onto it. I have found the grip on the cutlery is perfect for them to hold it properly and use it! I also love that the cutlery is not plastic, meaning food stays on the end when you pick it up.

CONS: Nothing! A really good product!


Munchkin Miracle 360 Sippy Cup Pink RRP £4.99

Even though I have been overall unhappy with the service, I love how the team know what parents are looking for each month. They always send something that you have been meaning to buy and this month I was looking for a cup. I am trying to get to drink out of a cup now, rather than a bottle (for milk) and it’s proving to be hard. This little cup came just in time!

PROS: I love the brand. I already have this in the smaller version so I know how the 360 degrees non spill thing works on it. It basically has little holes under the top for the liquid to come out of and if you tip it upside down it won’t spill. You have to suck at any of the edges to get the water out.

CONS: Unfortunately it does spill at times! My little monster loves to bang the cup against the table, so sometimes you do get spillage. Also, she still won’t drink milk out of it, so back to the drawing board!


Munchkin Lazy Buoyz Bath Toys RRP £5.99

I hate the fact that I get a bath toy every month. I have no space to put them anymore!

PROS: Nothing. They are colourful I guess, but I cannot think of anything good to say about these toys.

CONS: The toys are small. They don’t actually do anything. I think they are meant to scoop up water but we tried it and nothing happens. She likes toys that actually do something, in the bath, so these were a disappointment from the start.


B Kids Speedy’s Magical Shell RRP £9.99

This looked like a promising product! It’s a cute little snail with some balls in it’s shell. I guess the idea is that you can sort the balls into the right slots.

PROS: I like the idea of the shape sorting. She really enjoyed playing with the balls on their own! She looked a couple of times at the actual snail, but it didn’t really interest her as much as the little toys that come with it did.

CONS: A few things. Firstly, there is nothing speedy about Speedy. It doesn’t move. The little pink bit on top of the snails head is like a drumstick, which you can hit onto the shell (which is the drum) However, it doesn’t make a single noise and the actual drumstick looks very inappropriate (!) Also, when trying to slot the balls into the holes, they don’t fit through. They just sit on top so she couldn’t play with it on her own. Very disappointed.

20151028_190844    20151028_191735

TOMY Wibble Wobble Duck RRP £9.99

This little duck looked amazing in the packaging! It’s meant to be really fast and help the child crawl after it.

PROS: It’s a nice sized toy, nice colours? I can’t really think of anything nice to say.

CONS: This was not the right toy for my daughter as she is 1 years old and trying to walk, not crawl even more! The actual duck moves SO slow, I don’t know how it would encourage anyone to move along. You could probably just hold out your hand and pick it up as it’s moving along.

20151028_190855 20151028_191738


So this was the last box. I have now cancelled it (they said I might get one more box, due to the cancellation notice of 31 days) I think at the end of it, it was a mixture between the products and the service. I actually did like a lot of what they sent, but little things make a difference. Sending toys that are for 8 months old children, to a 13 month old child is not the best way to go!

Also, the service was not great. It wasn’t that they were rude – they were actually really polite. It’s just slow. I didn’t get the first 2 boxes on time and even when I cancelled they didn’t really care. They didn’t try to find out why. So I can’t afford to pay £30 every month for that kind of service.


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