You’ve got mail… | RAMBLINGS

I got a message in my inbox at work to say my mailbox was almost full and that I needed to clear some space. I decided to delete the oldest emails I had, since that seemed like the best option. Odly enough, I came across some of the first emails that my husband sent me. We actually used to work together (that is how we met!)

It was quite weird to read them. He seemed like a completely different person. We’ve only been married for 2 years and worked together for another 3 but he doesn’t really speak like that to me anymore. Just little things like “you’re looking beautiful today.” When I read that email, a little smile just crept on my face and it got me thinking of how it used to be.

Our first argument was about my wedding dress. He wanted me to wear white and I didnt. ( I did in the end!) Before that, we never argued or even raised our voices at each other. These days, when we argue, we can go days without speaking to each other.

How come some couples have it easier than others? Or do they? The grass always does seem greener on the other side. My husband is my best friend, I tell him everything. Sometimes though I get annoyed because we’ve been together this long and he still doesn’t understand simple things about me.

I don’t know. This was just a bit of a rant. Stupid work inbox! Making me take a trip down memory lane.


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