Top 10 Favourite TV Shows | TOP TEN


The Apprentice

The Apprentice. Totally different from the rest. Lord Alan Sugar is searching for a business partner. Follow his search to narrow down a number of hopefuls as they tackle challenges and prove themselves to be worthy. I love it because it’s funny to watch. The candidates might be successful in their own businesses but for some reason they are usually stupid on this show!


EastEndersEastEnders is a British soap. I hated it and never watched it until I got married (My husband is a HUGE fan) and now I can’t stop watching it either. It tackles real problems and keeps up to date with current affairs.


The Walking Dead

So gory. I never understood this show and didn’t watch it but one scene caught my attention. One little girl killed her sister and I thought WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? It’s basically the world after Zombies arrive. You meet Rick and the friend’s he makes trying to make it to safety.


Orange Is The New Black

I binge watched Orange Is The New Black on Netflix. It’s about Piper, who goes to jail for drug embezzlement. You see all the stories and backgrounds of all the inmates with her, relationships with the guards and what a women’s prison is like! A little bit too much nudity for me though.


The Vampire Diaries

I do love The Vampire Diaries though. What started off as two Salvatore brothers (Stefan and Damon) come back to Mystic Falls and one after the other fall in love with Elena Gilbert. That’s the gist of it, but SO much more happens . Currently Elena isn’t even in the show and it’s going strong.


The Originals

A spin off from The Vampire Diaries. Follow Klaus, Elijah and Rebecca as they take back New Orleans. Enter Haley – a werewolf carrying Klaus’s child and a whole load of witches, making this so much more interesting than the original show.



Suits is a law/comedy following Mike – sells drugs to make some quick money and has a photographic memory. Trying to escape the police he run’s into an interview for an assistant job at a law firm, for Harvey Spector. Harvey hires Mike as his assistant, even though he isn’t actually qualified – meaning serious illegal going ons! I love this show. It’s pure comedy.


Switched At Birth

Switched At Birth follows 2 girls, Daphne and Bay, who were switched at birth. They reunite with their biological parents and we find out that Daphne is deaf. The show follow’s their story on getting to know their biological family and dealing with what had happened, plus all the normal high school stuff! I love it because there is so much ASL as half the characters are deaf and it makes me want to learn.


Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars needs no introduction! 5 friends, 1 goes missing and turns up dead. Suddenly someone called “-A”  starts threatening the girls, exposing their secrets and lies. 6 seasons into it and we finally know who A is plus 1000000000 other twists and turns along the way!


Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time is literally about fairytale characters that forget they are fairytale characters and live in the real world! It has so many twists and turns, insanely good story lines and such good comedy. Emma Swan finds her way to Storybrooke by her son Henry, whom she gives up when he was born. She thinks she is just taking him home, but Henry is taking her home to break the spell on the residents of the town – to return their memories and take them all home to The Enchanted Forest.


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