Glossy Box November Review | BEAUTY

I am always looking forward to the next box, literally after the latest box arrives! I am even considering changing my subscription plan to annual, as I know that I love everything that I receive. When you work part time and look after a 13 month old, you find that there is no time spare to go and splurge money on yourself. On those odd times that I have the opportunity to go shopping, I never know what to buy! This is why I think the Glossybox is perfect for me.20151109_125325

So this is what I received in this months box.


Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

Full Size £7.99

20151109_125841I wasn’t expecting much from this lipstick. Glossybox gave you options to pick the shade that you wanted. I think I went for the berry colour but I received the nude instead. I already own a nude Revlon lipstick which I really DO NOT like and this was the same. The colour is lovely, it’s just the way that it settles on my lips. It makes them dry and it looks awful as it leaves cracks in my lips. I know that I wont be using this again.

MUA Eyeshadow Palette

Full Size £4.00

20151109_125850I have never purchased MUA products before, because I felt like they were quite cheap and therefore not good quality. When I had a look at the colours, I wasn’t too sure, as they are quite shimmery. I really dislike shimmery shades and this is why the Sleek nude palettes are my favourites. I did give it a go though and was pleasantly surprised to find that I really loved it. The colours are so pigmented and they have the right amount of shimmer in them. So far I have used all the nudes and have had a few compliments on my make-up! I also really like the sponge applicator. I will definitely be using this a lot!

Royal Apothic Body Lotion

Full Size £14.50

20151109_125935I was actually looking to purchase a good quality body lotion, as my skin is ridiculously dry. I have not tried this yet but it does look really good. It is meant to smooth the skin and keep it hydrated and you use it by massaging it into the skin after you have had a shower. I received a travel size, so if it does work on my skin, I know that I will be happy to pay the price for a full size.

Emite Diamond Heart Primer

Full Size £25.90

20151109_125906This primer is amazing. I have only recently really become interested in primers, having purchased the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer and I was looking for one that worked on my face. It 100% works as people have commented on how good my make-up looks lately. I normally used to find that at the end of a work day, my concealer and eyeshadow would be quite worn out. This primer has made sure that the product stays on my face. I think £25.90 is a bit expensive, but you only have to use a tiny amount so a full size bottle should last a long time. I love the packaging as well.

Eyelure Natural Lashes

Full Size £5.00

20151109_125900Who doesn’t love a pair of falsies! I used to wear them a lot before, always on special occasions. No offence to anyone out there who does this, but I don’t see the point of wearing false eyelashes EVERY day. I like the effect of adding falsies when I am attending a wedding or a party and people complimenting you as you look different! I am happy to get them as I will be using them at the work Christmas Party this year.


I am actually really happy with the box this month. Everything is useful and 3 products were full sized so I can’t complain! My favourite product in this box will have to be the primer!


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