The problem with Netflix….. | RAMBLINGS

With a little baby it’s not often that we get time to ourselves. Well, when E was very young, she did sleep a lot so we did actually have some time. Now she is 13 months old and awake a lot more than she sleeps! So we took her swimming and then went to a birthday party. By the time we got home, she had fallen asleep and we found ourselves with a few hours spare!

unnamedThe hubsy wanted to watch something on Netflix, which we never normally have time to do. “Pick whatever you want” he said. The issue with Netflix is that it’s such a tunnel, that drags you further and further into it, until you are so stressed out, you either pick the next thing on the screen or switch the TV off.

After literally 20 minutes of trying to find something that..

  1. We both hadn’t watched
  2. Looked remotely interesting
  3. Wasn’t an animated film (his request) or rude (my request)

.. I finally settled on Vampire Academy. It sounded familiar and I do love films like that so on it went!


It was quite a strange movie. I have decided that I did like it, but it was quite odd. The plot was simple but not fully predictable. Rose is a guardian and protector of Lissa, a royal Vampire (who doesn’t like to be called a vampire) They ran away from the academy (for reasons we don’t know about until the end of the movie) but are back and dealing with a whole lot of trouble at school. It’s basically bullying at school and death threats.

It was ridiculously fast paced but I thought the acting was good. I didn’t see any familiar faces apart from the female lead *checks google* OOH, she IS familiar! She was in Beautiful Creatures (awful movie) and TV shows Switched at Birth and The Suite Life on Deck.

Also, Vampire Academy is a book series, so I have to go and get those now!

Until next time!



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