Simplicity is the key to an amazing party! | RAMBLINGS

People always say keep things simple and it will always go a long way. On E’s 1st birthday party, I threw that rule straight out the window and organised a HUGE event. Looking back, I am glad I did it, as not only was it her 1st birthday, but as she was such a poorly baby from birth, it was an even bigger celebration of good health that we didn’t think she was going to have. I just remember not being able to enjoy the party though, because I was so busy running around making sure everyone else was ok. I know that E wasn’t too happy either because there were so many people.20151122_144203

My older sister celebrated my nephews 1st birthday a few weeks ago and it was brilliant. She kept it small and simple. There were about 20 people there – all close family. The decoration was all simple, yet effective. 20151122_153930

It was a Mickey Mouse theme but she didn’t go overboard with it. I wasn’t expecting games or anything but she started off with a fun easy little game of guess how many sweets were in the jar!








It was a great little game for everyone to play and really got the conversation going. Everyone – even the parents and older family members had to make a guess. In the end my mum won, with the closest guess. I wasn’t complaining as it means she gave the sweets out to everyone to enjoy anyway. I rediscovered my love for marshmallows and found out that they still sell the Fruit Salad Chewitts flavour!

I was already thinking about similar ideas I can take from this for E’s next party (which is not until October 2016!)



Also, how cute is this cake! Unfortunately it did not taste amazing but it certainly looked the part!



Once the cousins had left, the immediate family members (i.e my sisters, my hubby and the kids) all played a few games. I LOVE playing board games when I am in the mood. We played UNO first and then Articulate. Myself and my husband cannot play on the same team because we fall out EVERY TIME.


I was also pretty impressed with how long my make up actually lasted, through the day. As you can see, it was just my eyebrows (the crazy mess that they are!) and my lipstick that were not exactly the same. I was wearing the Nivea tinted moisturiser and the Emite Diamond primer that I got in the last Glossybox. They kept my make-up mostly on. The lipstick was the Rimmel moisture renew ones, which I absolutely love as they are so hydrating. The eyeshadow was the MUA pallette from the Glossybox as well. I really loved the look!


Until next time!








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