My Little Sweet Box Review |BEAUTY


I’ve been on the lookout for another subscription box and came across this from another blogger, Helplesswhilstdrying. She has been subscribed to it for over a year and after reading through the posts, I knew I had to try it for myself. If you didn’t know what it was, My Little Box, is a subscription service where you receive 5 items (beauty and lifestyle related) for £11 a month.

How cute is the tin that it came in! I actually loved the quote on the box, so I cut it out and have placed it to one side. When I think of a use for it, I will let you know! Onto the contents of the box


The first thing I saw was an envelope which said Open the envelope and dress up your kitchen. On the other side, it showed a load of jars with sticker decals on them. I was quite happy to get these as my jars are quite plain looking at the moment.

I have used the sugar, tea and cereal stickers. There are quite a few left but I can’t use them as those things I don’t store in jars. Never mind!



How cute is this apron! I haven’t used it yet (clearly) because I cook and then forget about using it! That is actually the reason why I have never owned an apron before. I will need to hang it up near the oven so I remember to use it the next time I cook. Reading up on other bloggers, I know that is has pockets in the front of it.

The next two products are My Little Beauty’s own hand cream and a Bliss face wash. I have grouped these together as I have not used them yet. I don’t really use hand cream’s a lot, other than at work. I currently have Zoella’s wonder cream at work so I don’t need another one. Smell’s quite nice though.

I was excited to get the face wash though, as I have always wanted to use one! I just haven’t had enough time to use it. You basically massage it onto damp skin and then rinse it off. You are meant to use a toner and moisturiser afterwards, so I think its best to use this in the morning.



The last thing in the box was this perfume. It’s not like what I am used to as the smell is quite strong. I did notice though that the scent lasted WAY longer than any other perfume I have ever used before! My husband really liked the scent, so I’m happy with the product.


I did like the box, the contents and the whole concept of it. It is different to a Glossy Box because it isn’t just beauty. I think the sticker decals were the best thing in the box and the worst will probably be the hand cream, but only because I don’t really use them that much.

The tin will 100% come in handy. I know it says sweet tin but I had a few ideas on what I will use it for. Either keep it as a sweet tin and fill it with sweets that I can leave on our lounge table OR use it to keep all of E‘s hair accessories in!


Until next time……..



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