Wrapping Christmas Gifts! | RAMBLINGS

The idea behind this blog post was to show you some of the gifts that I had wrapped for Christmas, but I soon forgot about it and ended up wrapping all the gifts already! I’m still going to blog though, because gift wrapping is both relaxing AND stressful!

I love wrapping gifts. I love to work out how much paper to cut, making sure it all lines up and adding decorations to it. The one thing that I still do is add so much sello tape, that it doesn’t look that great up close, but far away it doesn’t look half bad!

A lot of people like to use brown paper and then decorate it so nicely but I prefer traditional wrapping paper. I love brightly coloured paper and during Christmas time, I always get the cheesy stuff! This year I experimented more with bows, ribbons and tags.

Here is my top 10 list of things that have stressed me out whilst wrapping!

  1. Oddly shaped presents. Seriously, how can you wrap something that doesn’t have straight lines!
  2. Not being able to find the end of the tape. So. Annoying.
  3. Only having two hands. There is nothing more annoying that wrapping the gift, holding it down and then finding you don’t have a spare finger to pick up the tape to stick it all together!
  4. Inside out ribbon. How do people wrap ribbon around a present and keep it the right side up!
  5. Wasting paper. I hate wasting paper and I get annoyed when I can’t make something fit within the paper.
  6. Running out of paper! The idea was to wrap all my family’s gifts in green wrapping paper and friends in red. I ran out of green PRETTY QUICKLY.
  7. Sticking tape to the wrong place. I hate it when i am just about to stick the tape to the paper, it’s in place and then oh no! It’s only gone and stuck itself down in the MIDDLE of the parcel. Bloody hell!
  8. Losing the tape or pen when you need it the most. I hate this! I know I’ve seen the tape, it was there a minute ago! I’ve tipped everything inside out to try and find it and I can’t! Oh, there it is. All the way across the room.
  9. Pins and needles. I sit on my knees or cross legged when I wrap, so that awful feeling when you stand up and you cannot walk because your feet have gone to sleep!
  10. It’s all going to be ripped apart anyway. Once all the hard work is done, you feel proud for a minute and then realise that no matter how neat or tidy you wrap everything, it’s only going to be ripped apart anyway.

Until next time!



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