Glossy Box December Review | BEAUTY

December’s box sounded amazing. A collaboration with beauty blogger Really Ree and I’m sure everyone was expecting festive products!

I can’t deny how cute the box is. I love the sparkly effect and on each side of the box there is a quote. I believe this box is called the Rose Gold Edit.


So this is what I received in this month’s box. From first glance you can see that there is a good variety and certain things pop out.

I’ve tried everything out a fair bit, hence why this blog post is so late!

Onto the review itself.





Collection Nail Polish

I have never tried out a Collection nail polish before and I do love the brand. Their eye liners are actually amazing. I was therefore interested to see how good the nail polish would be. From first glance the actual colour I received wasn’t my favourite, but you can’t knock it till you try it! Unfortunately it is pretty awful. It didn’t even last a day, and actually it looked pretty awful. It doesn’t really sparkle that much and I would probably use it on top of a plain light nail polish.



Etre Belle Roll On Eye Gel

Now this product is exciting! I used to use something quite similar a few years ago and then forgot all about it. You basically run it under your eyes and it keeps that area hydrated. This actually works and even better, it wakes me up! I apply it every morning and instantly I feel much better. It hasn’t reduced any dark circles or really done anything else to be honest, but I would 100% buy it again because it makes me feel better!



Essence Liquid Lipstick

Some liquid lipsticks are amazing, whilst others lack overall. At first, I didn’t like this. The colour is quite strange. It’s not dark, nor light. It’s not lipstick but it isn’t really lip gloss. The applicator is also quite strange on the lips. Nevertheless, once it’s on, it doesn’t look bad and most importantly, it stays on! I don’t think I would buy it again but it’s a nice one to add to the collection.



Monu Spa Reviving Mist

I love this. I have been meaning to get a face mist for a while now, to set my make up. The trouble is, I never know which one to get. This one is perfect. It makes me laugh when I spray it, as I’m just not used to that instant spray on your face, but it does work. I do find that my make- up does set in place better, once I have used this. Plus, my skin feels quite hydrated as well!



So Susan Highlighting Crayon

I have just realised that I haven’t had any time to use this highlighter. I know a lot of people had broken ones in their box but I received it just fine. I just haven’t had a chance to use it yet but I’m sure it is fine. I’m not entirely comfortable or sure where to use highlighter at the moment, but this apparently makes it easier!



Starskin Face Mask

Here is a product that I knew I was getting and I was extremely excited for it. The starskin face mask looked amazing and I always want to try face masks out at home, since I don’t have time to go out and get pampered. I was so upset when I realised that I couldn’t use it as it was pretty much made out of coconut (I’m allergic) I soon forgot about it and put it aside to give to my sister. She then mentioned to me to email Glossybox and ask them if they can swap it with something else that I could use. I sent them an email and waited for a reply. They replied back with an apology but advised they couldn’t cater to allergies. Not accepting this, I let them know that I was very happy with the box and so far have been loving it, but why would they not swap it with something that I could use! In the end, they agreed and today I received 2 sample products – a Purity cleanser and an I Love… lip gloss which smells AMAZING.




At first glance, I was quite unhappy with this months box, especially since it was meant to be a collaboration with an amazing blogger. Now that I am reviewing it all, actually it was a really good box. The one product that I couldn’t use, Glossybox kindly swapped it and one product I haven’t had a chance to use yet. My favourite will have to be the mist and the worst is the nail polish.

Until next time!




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