What I got for Christmas | ME

I love reading and watching YouTube videos on what people got for Christmas, so I thought I would do a little haul myself! I am so thankful to all my family because they were so generous this year! Also, it’s nice to know that they were all happy with the gifts they received as well!


So this is what I got for Christmas! There was only 5 things but they are all special to me and thoughtful so I am really happy with them. I love how people come up with ideas on gifts, pulling memories and thoughts together. So I’m going to talk about the thought behind some of the gifts I received!

My husband purchased a beautiful Pandora necklace for me. The story behind this is that he purchased a necklace for me a few years ago and I had to stop wearing it as it gave me a rash on my neck. After I had E, things changed and I was able to wear necklaces again, so he upgraded the one he had originally bought me for. I love the thought behind it!

He also purchased a book that I was going to buy myself. It’s called me me me, by Charlotte Crosby. If you didn’t know, she is from a reality TV show on MTV, called Geordie Shore. The best thing is that my hubby didn’t know I wanted it. He just thought I would like it as he knew I loved Charlotte. The book is an autobiography. Also, technically this was a present from E, but obviously he paid for it.

My mother in law surprised me this year with a Mulberry evening clutch bag. I was so shocked. I have been saying that I needed a bag to take out in the evening, as I didn’t have one. I did not expect her to buy me it, let alone one from an amazing designer brand!

She also gave me some socks. I don’t know about anyone else but I love getting socks! I have a huge thing about cosy socks and slippers. These are a pair of bed socks from next and they are amazing. They feel soft and are quite long!

Finally, my brother in law and his girlfriend bought some perfume for me. I do love wearing perfume (when I remember).

That’s it! E got quite a few gifts and we all got alot of chocolate. Hope everyone was happy with their presents and had a great time!

Until next time!


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