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Over the month of December, Boots had quite a few good offers on. One was a star gift, which consisted of a really good selection box on offer every month. When I spotted the Benefit box on for sale (£20) I had to buy it.

20151231_130758 (2)

You basically get a sample version of the number one products that Benefit sell. I have only ever tried out the mascara really, so everything else would be a first for me!



I have heard so many good things about this product. Everyone always raves about it so I tried it out. It did seem to instantly smooth out my skin and make it feel better but it didn’t keep the make up on. At the end of the day, I found my eye make up and concealer had faded just like it normally does.


I have actually already tried the mascara before and it 100% works. It gives you maximum volume and length. I really like building the coverage up with a few layers if I am going out! The only thing I dislike about this mascara, is that it is a PAIN to get off. For this reason alone, I end up only using it when another mascara has run out!


The High Beam is such a good, understated product. You apply it under your eyebrows and onto the cheeks and it gives it a bit of highlight. It really shapes up and highlights my brows which is where I have been using it. I love the applicator as well, it’s like a nail varnish brush.


I was excited to use this product as my biggest issue is my dark circles. I am forever trying to find ways to get rid of them. I dabbed this underneath my eyes a few times but other than feeling smoother, they didn’t seem to brighten anything up. I think I would have to use this a few times to get a good use out of it.


I’m not a huge fan of blusher. I don’t know if its because I don’t really know how to wear it properly or if it just doesn’t suit me that well, but I don’t normally buy them. I did like it though, it added a nice subtle gold shimmer to my cheeks.


This has to be my favourite from the box. I don’t normally get on well with gel eye liners but I actually love this! You twist the base at the bottom and wait until the gel comes out at the top. The top is then shaped in an angled way, so you end up with a much easier way to apply the eye liner! 100% will be purchasing this when it runs out.


Everybody uses and talks about the Hoola Bronzer, but it’s another product that I don’t really use because I’m not sure exactly how to use it correctly. It is very cute though in the sample size.


This concealer is magic. I love it. It actually made me realise that I am using the wrong shades on myself. I would normally go for a lighter colour but I really should be using the darker shade as it then naturally covers up my dark circles. Another thing I found with this concealer is that it’s easy to apply. As it’s not wet, you don’t get that streaky feel with it. It just blends straight away!


Until next time!



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