Glossy Box January Review | BEAUTY

This month I was eagerly waiting for the Glossybox to arrive. I don’t know whether it was because it’s a new year and I was interested to see what they would include in the box, or just because I wanted new things to try! Regardless, I ripped the box open when it arrived!

So this is what I received in the January box.


Unani Dermo Defence Face Mask

Full Size £11.36

20160111_122222I don’t really have a lot of time to use face masks but I always like the idea of them. On reading the instructions though, I realised that I could apply this on the go and rinse it off after 10 minutes, so it seemed like a really easy mask to apply! I think that it worked quite well. You have to apply it a few weeks to really see results but I felt like my skin was smoother and clearer after the first application! I will definitely be using this every week and I believe I will purchase it as well. The fact that it came as a full size product is perfect and I love the simplicity of the packaging. The actual product itself is clear but almost like a gel so no one would see that you have a mask on!



Teez Cosmetics Oasis Gem Lipstick

Full Size £11.93


First impressions of this lipstick were actually good. How cute is the design! I have never heard of the company before but the actual colour of the lipstick and the packaging were brilliant so I was already excited to try it out. I then read the information on the little booklet that comes in the box. To my dismay, this lipstick contains coconut oil! (I am allergic) I was so gutted, as I really wanted to use it, but never mind. If you read last months Glossybox review, I received another product containing coconut and they exchanged it for something else. I can’t really be bothered to go through that again, so I will just give it to my sister! I will say though, the price is a bit expensive for a lipstick!


Angele Paris Red Nail Lacquer

Full Size £6.32


Last month I received such an awful nail polish but this month they made up for it! The pictures do not do this product ANY justice. It is amazing. I applied it as soon as I saw it in the box. I normally use a base coat first, then apply the nail polish on top. It was easy to use and just glided on with no problems. I found that two coats set the nail polish and a top coat was applied as well to lock it all in place. My nails started to chip about 5 days later. I am so impressed with this, as I have a baby so my hands get a lot of wear and tear! Oh, I should also mention that the drying time was VERY fast. By the time I had finished applying the nail polish on my right hand, the left was all dry.  The colour is a cherry red and has a really classic look to it. Really happy with this!


Madara Cellular Repair Serum

Travel Size £38.00


I am not a huge fan of applying serums and creams to my face. I have quite sensitive skin and using different products can sometimes be quite harmful for me. I wasn’t that keen when I opened the serum up and I haven’t used it. I will probably give this to my mum or sister, as it isn’t something that I would use. A full size version of it is quite expensive. I think it is meant to hydrate and repair your skin but I don’t feel like I need it!


Glossybox Eyeshadow in Glossy Mauve

Full Size £ 7.10


This is the first time I have seen a Glossybox product in their box! It looks really nice. The colour I received is mauve, so a dark plum kind of colour. I haven’t tried it yet as I haven’t really been able to match it with any outfits that I have worn. Purple is one of those eye shadows I feel you need to be careful with. It can make you look like you have been punched in the face! I have tried a purple smoky eye before, so I might just try it out using this eyeshadow.


This box was a great start to the year! My favourite will have to be the nail polish as I know I will be wearing it all the time. The worst would have to be the serum or the lipstick as I can’t use it!

Until next time!




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