My Little Wish Box Review | BEAUTY


I feel like I have been waiting forever for this box to arrive, but I guess that’s why subscription boxes are so popular! Everyone loves getting a little surprise in the post. I was interested to see what the first box of the New Year would be like and this particular box always surprises me, as it has lifestyle products as well as beauty!

If you didn’t know what it was, My Little Box, is a subscription service where you receive 5 items (beauty and lifestyle related) for £14 (including P&P) a month. I have to say that I didn’t really feel anything for the design this month. It is cute, but it isn’t anything special. I hope they do another tin, because that was really useful! Anyway, onto the contents of the box.


The first two things at the top of the box was the Wish magazine and this lovely quote! I tried to read through the magazine but unfortunately did not find it interesting at all. In fact only one post called out to me (about the shape of your lipstick once you have used it a bit) but underneath that was this AMAZING diary. How beautiful is it! I absolutely love it and don’t want to even use it (of course I will) It is a hardback diary with good quality pages inside.


Next, were a lip balm and a Ren cleansing water. The lip balm looked promising but when I opened the top I could smell an almond-ish smell. A bit like a battenberg? (you know, that cake with the red and yellow squares) I am allergic to nuts but I am going to try it anyway and see if I react to it. The magazine had a segment in it which showed pictures of the shape of the lip balm once it’s been used a bit. Apparently it shows a lot about your personality, in the way that you apply your lipstick. My lipsticks normally end up with one side longer than the other! I have heard of Ren before but never tried any products so I look forward to trying this. I have never really heard of cleansing water either, so it will be interesting to use.


The next thing I spotted with this bag, which looked like it was stuffed with goodies! It wasn’t, but it did have one full size product in it, in the shape of a Garnier Miracle Wake Up Cream. In all honestly, I don’t really like things like this. It’s meant to get rid of wrinkles and keep your skin hydrated. I don’t know about anyone else but the more products I apply on my skin, the worse it feels! That’s why I just stick to the important things like cleansing, moisturising and toning. Anyway, if I don’t try it, I will pass it down to my mum or sisters as I am sure they will love it!


Last thing in the box was a little odd. I could not work out what it was when I was opening it, and even when I did open it, I couldn’t tell what it was! Eventually I worked out that the cards hold little bracelets on them which you can give to friends/family. There is also one for you. In all honesty, I don’t think I will be giving them out as they look tacky. I think the one for me looks better than the rest but I know I won’t be using it. I am gutted as I would have loved to get a nice bit of jewellery from this box.




I am disappointed in this months box unfortunately. The only thing I LOVED was the diary and everything else was OK. I don’t know if I am disappointed because last months box was amazing. I know that it can’t be perfect every month and at least I received something that I did like, so it’s all good!

Until next time!



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