When you first find out you are pregnant, all you feel is excitement. Nauseas, hungry, tired but completely excited. I don’t know about other people but for the entire 9 months, I barely though about what would happen once my baby was born. For the first time in my life, I was taking things 1 day at a time. Don’t get me wrong, I thought about the big milestones and who she would look like, but I didn’t think of details.

The day I went into labour, was the first day I was officially struck with Fear. It’s quite an overwhelming emotion if you don’t control it. I was scared for her life – she had a pretty rough start. During labour, E got stuck and couldn’t get into the right position to come out. She starting stressing and her heartbeat starting dropping. By the time the doctors performed an emergency C-Section, she wasn’t breathing. I didn’t know whether she was going to survive or not. We were moved to Norwich hospital, 3 hours away from home, where we stayed for 1 month. I felt nothing but Fear.

By God’s will she made it through with no brain damage. I thought the worst was over but that’s the thing. It had only just begun! For every happy moment, there was Fear attached. First it was making sure she didn’t choke on her milk, suffocate in her blankets, fall off the bed or worse, drop her! There were so many things that I was afraid of and honestly, it hasn’t stopped.

This is the way it’s meant to be, I think. As a parent, you are always scared for your children. You want them to be safe, you want them to have a happy long life and live longer than you! Maybe the overall fear is that you might not get to see them live that long life, because your life could be shorter.

Fear is a dangerous emotion. You have to be careful how you embrace it.

Until next time!



My Favourite Disney Movies! | TOP TEN


Sleeping Beauty

Out of all the classics, Sleeping Beauty was my favourite. In my opinion she was the prettiest princess AND I loved Prince Philip. Maleficent was crazy scary but I just loved the idea behind the movie and the message about true love. The scene that scared me the most was when Maleficent turns into a dragon and the music gets REALLY loud and scary. My favourite would actually be when the fairies are fighting over what colour the cake/dress will be! “Pink” “Blue” !


Lady and the Tramp

This is a movie I could watch on repeat and not get tired. I watch a lot of movies with the same theme – rich falling in love with the poor, but this time it just involved dogs! The scene that scared me the most was with the Siamese cats *shudders* and my favourite would have to be the ending with all the babies!


Toy Story

Who doesn’t love Toy Story! The very idea that your toys come alive when you are not looking is amazing.I remember lining up my toys in a specific order and leaving the room, hoping to come back to them in a different order. It never happened. There wasn’t a scary scene, but I did get really upset when Andy starts playing with Woody more. That was quite a sad moment in the movie. My favourite would be when all the presents are being opened, right at the beginning.


Cinderella three

I don’t know how many people will have watched this, but I LOVE this movie, so much more than the original Cinderella. I think I loved it because it had more than one story in it. I loved the storyline where the Evil Stepmother gets hold of the Fairy Godmothers wand and changes it so that the slipper fits Anastasia and not Cinderella! There is another story where one of the mice wants to be human and so the Fairy Godmother grants him that wish. The final story is when Anastasia falls in love. There are no scary moments, just points where I felt really sorry for Cinderella. My favourite moments where in the last story where Anastasia finds love.


wreck it ralph

I have not seen a movie like this before, which is why it will now always be a firm favourite. I love the idea that the characters in the games we play are real! I used to think this when I was younger – that the game would finish but the characters would get back to their real lives. I hated the part where Ralph is treated like crap in his game and loved EVERYTHING else that happened. Really good movie!


finding nemo

I remember watching this for the first time and laughing so much. It is quite a family movie, showing how much love a parent has for their child! When Coral dies in the beginning, that was quite upsetting, but the rest of the movie is fantastic. Dory is by far my favourite character. I didn’t know who Ellen Degeneres at the time and when I did start watching her show, after a while I thought, hey! She sounds a lot like Dory!



Boo is the best thing about this movie. It is such a classic and such a funny movie. I hated when Sully and Mike were sent through the door and abolished, but all the parts with Boo in it were really good. Also how funny was Mike when he was so happy about getting his picture in the paper, but every time they covered his face up! A storyline where using the stuff of nightmares for children across time, to power up their city, is just gold.



Mulan will always have a soft spot for me. It was the first movie where I really felt for the character and it was different because Mulan was not weak. She disguised herself as a man to go to war so that her disabled father would not need to. I identified with how she didn’t feel comfortable in all the feminine surroundings and the constant chatter about how she needed to get married. I absolutely LOVED the songs. My favourite would have to be “Be A Man” especially the end where Mulan – or Ping, I should say – climbs the pole to the top to get the arrow down. Mushu the dragon just makes the movie even better, and he is voiced by Eddie Murphy, so it was always going to be good!


high school musical

If I am being honest, then I have to include HSM. I loved all 3, but number 3 was my favourite, maybe because of the way it all came together. I actually went to the cinema on opening night to watch it as well. The music is really good and I still have my favourite songs downloaded on my laptop. I have so many from this movie, but I guess ” A Night To Remember” and “Scream” would be my favourites. It was such a good movie, that was meant to be just a normal Disney Channel Original film, but ended up becoming this HUGE franchise.


the lion king

Number 1 was always going to be The Lion King. I bet if I did this again in 10 years time, I would still keep The Lion King as my number 1. It is such a good movie, about family, love, responsibility and just growing up! The songs made it really enjoyable to watch as a kid and the jokes made it hilarious to watch as an adult. My favourite song would be “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” as it’s the most catchy for me. I cry EVERY TIME I watch the scene where Mufasa dies. I know it’s just a movie and I know that it’s just cartoon animals but Mufasa was such a good king! Why did he have to die? Well, I guess if he didn’t, then the rest of the movie would not have happened the way it did.

Until next time!


My Little Home Box Review | BEAUTY


Time for another subscription box review! I was looking forward to this months edition ever since I saw a sneak peek on their Facebook page. If you didn’t know, My Little Box, is a subscription service where you receive 5 items (beauty and lifestyle related) for £14 (including P&P) a month. This months design was so cute. I am not sure what I am going to do with it yet but I will be storing something “homely” in it! Onto the contents of the box!


The first thing I spotted was this beautiful frame. The print that you receive every month was inside a plain blue frame. I fell in love as soon as I saw it and immediately placed it on my bookshelf. The print is double sided so I can change it whenever I feel like it. The next thing was a cushion cover! I love getting things like this but I don’t have any cushions I can currently put this on. It is still a very edgy print and really good quality!


Next were the beauty items. I do love the pouch they came in. I have been collecting these over the last few boxes and they really do come in handy. This month the beauty products were creams. I am in two minds about this. I have so many creams and they don’t always suit me, so I wasn’t that happy about getting 3!

There is a mask/peel which looks interesting, a hand cream (which I have so many of already) and a day cream. I don’t like the fact that the ingredients are in a different language, so I don’t know if there is any coconut in them.




I absolutely loved the lifestyle products but the beauty products were not worth it this time. I am hoping that we get some make up next month, as they always seem to get that right! The frame has to be my favourite product from this months box.

Until next time!







My Everyday Make-Up Routine | BEAUTY

I love watching/reading about how other girls do their make up. I love how everyone does it in a different order, different products, different technique but all for the same end result. A nice, natural looking finish! I really don’t know much about make up and have only recently started to wear more products but I wanted to show how I do my every day make up anyway!


  • Moisturise my face

This is a step I never miss out. I don’t feel awake until I have washed my face and applied some moisturiser. I have used many different products but I love using Silkona which is actually from Pakistan! I used to use Pond’s but they discontinued the one I used to use, so I found that this was the only one that left my skin feeling refreshed.


  • Apply the Etre Belle skin Roll-On

This is a fairly new step as this product came in a Glossybox I received not long ago. (click here to read that review). I just love it as you just roll it under your eyes and it instantly wakes you up! I used to have something similar when I was younger but I can’t remember what that was called.


  • Apply face primer

If I am going to work, I always use a primer. For just going out in the daytime, I sometimes miss out this step. Still, I do find that it keeps my make-up somewhat in place. I apply most of it under my eyes and then smooth it out over the rest of my face. I use the Emite Makeup Diamond Heart primer which I also received in a previous Glossybox. (click here to read that post)


  • Apply lip protection

My lips are always dry so I always apply a lip care or lip protection. I use No7 Protect & Perfect and just apply a thin layer over my lips. It instantly provides a protective layer and starts to hydrate my lips. I have used this for a few years now and nothing else comes close. I did start to use something I received in a subscription box but it was touch and go, whereas this ALWAYS works. You can see that I use it a lot as it is nearly finished.


  • Apply concealer

I don’t like to wear foundation, so instead I use concealer. My favourite is Collection Lasting Perfection and I just apply this in a triangle shape under my eyes. I then blend it out with a brush. I do have extremely dark circles though, so it doesn’t always fully cover them. I recently found this Benefit Boi-ing which is actually perfect, so I use this more now. I actually got this in a Benefit Sample Box from Boots (click here to read that post)


  • Apply eyeshadow primer

I dab a small amount of Urban Decay Primer Potion on my eyelids and then blend it out with my finger. This product is amazing and it really helps keep the eyeshadow on.

  • Apply eyeshadow

I only ever use one eyeshadow palette for every day make up and that would be the Sleek Natural Palette. I LOVE it. I just use the applicator that comes with the product and pack it onto my eyelids. As the colours are matte and so natural, you can apply a fair bit and it looks flawless.


  • Apply eyeliner

I have recently changed the way I apply eyeliner because I changed the product I use. Since day 1, I have used Collection Fast Stroke and I would apply this by first making an upward line from the bottom corner of my eye, to the top. Then I would just draw a line on my eyelid, join it up to the end and fill in any gaps. Now I use Maybelline Master Ink and I just have to make small strokes and draw a line. The way the brush is designed allows you to do this so easily.


  • Apply a highlighter on my waterline

I don’t always do this, but it helps to make the eyes look wider and more awake, so I just apply the So Susan Highlighting Crayon on my waterline.


  • Apply mascara

A make up look feels weird if you don’t apply mascara! I am LOVING the Maybelline Lash Sensational at the moment and apply this in a zigzag motion from the bottom to the top.

  • Fill in my brows

I love filling my brows in. I have naturally full eyebrows but they do have gaps where the hair doesn’t grow. I find filling them in makes them look better. For a long time I was using a normal brown eyeshadow with an angled brush. Then I discovered Tanya Burr’s Eyeshadow Palette and started using that, with an angled brush. Now, I use the Soap & Glory Archery pen. I draw a line underneath my eyebrows, till the arch. Then, with small strokes, I just fill all the gaps in. I just find that this makes it look neater. I still use a spooly at the end to brush it all out. The Archery pen is double sides, so you have a brush on one end and the pencil on the other!


  • Lipstick/lipgloss

Finally, a lipstick. I always use a nude colour or sometimes a pinkish tone. I used to always use Rimmel Kate No 5. I now use Soap & Glory or sometimes even the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition. Sometimes I like to use a lipgloss instead and I only use Tanya Burr’s selection as they are not sticky!


It is a fairly simple routine that takes only 10 minutes to do. In all honestly, if I am going out for the night, the only difference in my make up would be that I use a tinted moisturiser, add a darker eyeshadow to my crease, use a more vibrant lipstick and use eye-liner on my waterline as well!

Until next time!



Glossy Box February Review | BEAUTY

This months Glossy Box delivery actually came as a surprise. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I was expecting it to come a bit later in the month. Anyway, it meant that I was even more excited to open it up and see what February brings! This months box obviously had a Valentines Day theme. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the design! Very cute.


So this is what I received.


Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor

Full Size £6.99


Whaa? That was my first impression when I spotted this in the box. I say spotted, it was the first thing I saw as it’s so big and bulky! After my initial confusion, I actually appreciate it because it saves me buying another razor. Apparently this one moisturises the skin at the same time as getting rid of the hair.

Nicka K New York 24h Waterproof Eyeliner

Full Size £3.99


I feel like I have been sent a product from this brand before, but can’t really put my finger on it. This eyeliner looks pretty good though. I swatched it on my hand and the colour is a lovely warm brown. It also didn’t budge all day, which is the aim of a 24 hour eyeliner! I love how you have to twist the pencil at the bottom to get it out. I always find that my eye liners break a lot, so at least this way the point will stay intact. My eyebrow pencil finished today and I didn’t have another to hand, other than this eyeliner. Yes, I did use an eyeliner on my eyebrows and let me tell you, it actually worked. The stroke is so thin and soft that you don’t have to use ANY pressure. Literally use small hairlike strokes and it builds up so quickly. Definitely great for using on the brows!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Floral Slanted Tweezers

Full Size £8


Little disappointed with this. Tweezers are tweezers. They do the job and I guess they are quite cute. I know that I will barely use them though, as I tend to thread my eyebrows rather than pluck. Regardless, we can’t always be happy with everything and they are nice enough to sit on my dressing table!

Naobay Protective Hair Mask Volume Conditioner

Full Size £10.64


Not another hair mask! That was my first impression, in all honesty. It’s not that I don’t like them – in fact, I have never tried a hair mask. My issue is simple. I have a 15 month old daughter and that means I can only have a quick shower, before she starts fussing. How about waiting till she is asleep, you ask? My other issue is that we have a water meter, so there isn’t much hot water. My husband has a shower every day, so one more person having a shower then makes the hot water run out. Therefore, I have really quick showers and don’t have time to wait. With this mask you have to wash your hair, apply it, wait 3 minutes and then wash it out. It’s something I should try when I stay at a hotel I think!

MUA Power Pout Glaze Low Voltage Gloss

Full Size £3.50


This product we all knew was included in the February box. I was expecting it to be good because in a previous box they had included an MUA Eyeshadow pallette (click here to read that post) which I absolutely loved. I received the lip gloss in a red colour. When you open up the lid, the applicator is a brush. You twist the bottom and the product comes out on the brush. I was a bit dubious to start with as I know with other products like this, you get too much product to begin with. I was right and could not apply it properly with the brush. The gloss was just getting everywhere and I ended up looking like a vampire. The colour was actually quite nice – a really bright glossy red – but I don’t like the applicator and I hate the sticky feeling on your lips when you wear gloss. Unfortunately this is one I won’t be using!


It was nice to see 5 full size products this month. The design of the box was actually cute but I was surprised with the type of products that were included. Tweezers and Razors are more necessities rather than a gift. Saying that, it does mean I don’t have to go out and buy new ones for a while!




Top 10 Book Collections | TOP TEN

I have a ridiculous collection of books, slowly built up from when I was younger to now. I was looking through my books the other day and realised that I have a lot of collections, rather than single books. I thought I would do a little top 10 of my favourite book series!


10. Little Black Dress by Various Authors

10.Little Black Dress

Okay, I will admit, this is an insane collection. About 5 years ago I went through a Little Black Dress phase, where I kept buying books in the collection, in bulk. I think I have over 100 in total. LBD is basically romance books written by different authors. Some are ridiculous, some are really good but what I love about them, are that they are an easy read.


9. The Princess Diaries by Meg Cabot

9.The Princess Diaries

This series is clearly for younger readers but I still love them and read them when I feel a bit nostalgic. The princess diaries is about a young girl called Mia, who lived an ordinary life with her mum and one-eyed cat. She has a normal crush on a boy at school and normal friends – that is until she finds out she is actually a princess to a small country called Genovia! I love Meg Cabot’s writing style. I love how awkward she makes it for Mia and all the obstacles that Mia has to go through with Princess duties AND normal life. I was sad when the series ended, but we have 2 movies to go along with it so it isn’t all bad!


8. Angel by Katie Price

8.Katie Price

Ok, I know that Katie Price doesn’t write her own novels and that she has a ghost writer, but I don’t care. I love this series and I love the stories. Angel is pretty much the same as Katie Price’s own life. A model (but I think she might be a singer in this, I can’t remember) who falls in love with a lead singer and everything that comes with being famous. Crystal is a character that comes in the first Angel book and then she had her own book written about her, which I love. It’s a good pick me up kind of book series!


7. Lord Of The Rings by J.R.R Tolkien

7.Lord Of The Rings

I don’t think my book collection would be complete without Lord Of The Rings. I  actually saw the movies before I read any of the books. Well, at school we did read The Hobbit, but I had never read any of the others. After watching the movies with my husband, I was too invested to ignore the books. I am so glad that I bought them – in fact, I think my husband actually purchased them for me – as they have so much more detail than the movies! If you live in a hole in the ground and have never heard of this series, Lord of The Rings follows the story of The Hobbit – Bilbo Baggins who goes on an adventure with dwarves to reclaim a lost kingdom. He finds a ring whilst he is there and it is ridiculously powerful. Lord of the Rings, is about Frodo Baggins (his nephew I think) who goes on a journey to destroy that ring! It’s crazy and so worth reading.

6. Fifty Shades by E L James

6.Fifty Shades

Regardless of what the majority of people say, I actually really enjoyed reading this trilogy. The sex scenes were not really interesting. What I loved was the story. Even though Christian Gray is very controlling, I loved him as a character. Christian Gray is a successful businessman who manages to interest Anna Steele, an ordinary girl. It’s a whole load of sex, graphic content but a love story regardless behind all the fluff.


5. A Series Of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snicket

5.A Series Of Unfortunate Events

So many other authors have followed the writing style of this book series. Lemony Snicket writes about 3 children, whose parents perish in a fire and they are handed over to their uncle, Count Olaf. He isn’t what he seems and from book 1 to book 13, we follow the siblings as they try and get away from the evil Count and find out what actually happened to their parents. What I love is the way that Lemony writes. That isn’t even his name – in fact, he tells you in the books that he can’t say his name, and to not even read this book because of how sad it is! It just makes you want to read it even more. There are so many times that I felt sad and annoyed at what kept happening to the kids, but I kept going till the last book!


4. Twilight Saga by Stephanie Meyer


The Twilight series will always be a favourite, regardless of my age. I saw the first movie before I read the book. The movies were awful – the books were amazing. Twilight follows Bella Swan, an ordinary girl who moves to Forks to live with her father. There, she find an extraordinary family and falls in love with their son, Edward. Turns out, he is a vampire. Throw in a best friend werewolf, a crazy love triangle and a baby – you have Twilight. It sounds stupid but I just love the story. Edward is my favourite – Bella is pretty annoying. You can tell by the spine of the books how much I have read them!


3. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

3.The Hunger Games

I saw the first movie before I read the books. The movie was amazing and I felt that I had to read the books otherwise it wouldn’t be fair. I read it more than Twilight, even though Twilight came out first. Hunger Games takes place in a modern day Earth, where war has torn everyone apart – so much that now there are only 12 districts. The Capitol is in charge and to remind everyone how bad the war was, each district must give a boy and a girl to participate in The Hunger Games – literally a fight to the death. We follow Katniss Everdeen, who volunteers to go in place of her sister (who is picked to go in the next games) It is such a deep and powerful book and I love Katniss. I love everything she stands for and how she presents herself. The whole love triangle is a bit annoying, but I love the rest of it!

2. Malory Towers by Enid Blyton

2.Malory Towers

I have a soft spot in my heart for Enid Blyton. I grew up watching Noddy and The Magic Faraway Tree. I read the Famous Five and Secret Seven. My cousins then gave me the first 6 books (at the time) of Malory Towers, which is basically a boarding school for girls. We follow Darrell Rivers, a young outgoing girl who is going to boarding school for the first time. We see her make friends, get in trouble and grow into an adult. I love all the characters that come to the school – Alicia the prankster, Belinda the artist, Irene the scatty musician. The teachers are hilarious and even though it’s written in an old fashioned way (they play lacrosse, does anyone even play that anymore?) it’s still one of my favourites! Not long ago, they released another 6 books to the series which follows Felicity, Darrell’s younger sister, in her time at Malory Towers.

  1. Harry Potter by J K Rowling

1.Harry Potter

I don’t think there is a single person in the world who doesn’t know what Harry Potter is. Regardless of whether you have read/not read the books or seen/not seen the movies, you know who he is. Harry Potter is about an ordinary boy living with his Uncle, Aunty and fat annoying cousin. Harry’s parents died in a car crash when he was younger. He is unfairly treated and always finds weird things happen when he gets angry. Imagine his surprise when he finds out he is a wizard, who gets a letter to attend Hogwarts, a school for witchcraft and wizardry.  There is nothing I dislike. The characters are amazing, the writing style is brilliant, you relate to it even though its magic! I don’t think I will ever find a book series as amazing as this!


Until next time!



January Favourites! | FAVOURITES

This is what I have loved in the month of January!




E has been crawling for months and I started to get worried as she wasn’t walking. She is now 15 months. I purchased these shoes when she turned 1, to try and get her used to walking. At the time she hated them but she has finally started to walk now and she loves them. It’s the cutest thing ever to watch her when I put her shoes on. It’s the only time she stays still and watches as I put them on! They are quite a cute design and can we worn with every outfit, so it had to go in the favourites as she has been wearing them a lot!



This TV programme has become a firm favourite for E and thankfully one that isn’t too boring to watch. The Twirlywoos are 4 little fat things that explore and discover things around a house. It’s slapstick comedy basically and although they don’t talk, it is quite colourful and fun to watch.





So I received this in a benefits sample box and fell in love. It is just a sample size but I know that I will be buying a full size. The best thing is it made me realise that I am not using the right shade concealer. The second thing I love about it is the consistency. I love that I can pat it on and it doesn’t feel cakey. I know that I will always love my Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, but somehow this one has a much better coverage and it doesn’t look like I am wearing any concealer at all!



WOW, is all I can say about this mascara. Everyone raves about it and it is worth raving about. It just instantly gives your eyelashes that lift and colour that they need. I have quite long eyelashes anyway so I always look for a mascara that can give me volume. I get that, plus the added benefit of even longer lashes! The packaging is cute, it’s easy to apply and reach every lash, the price is reasonable at around £7.99 (from boots) and most importantly for me, it is easy to remove at the end of the day! I think this will be a favourite for a while.



I feel like I have included this in a favourite post before, but oh well. It’s worth it to mention it again. I was nervous to use this product at first, as I have always used eyeshadow to fill in my brows. I purchased this to give it a go and I am glad that I have as I feel my brows are much more defined when I use it. It has the pen on one side and you just twist it in the middle to get enough of the pencil out. On the other side, is a brush which is good for blending it all in. I use this every day and it has lasted ages as well!






If you live in the UK, you won’t be able to get away from Big Brother. It is a social experiment, placing a certain number of people in a house together with no communication to the outside world. Every week the house mates nominate someone to be evicted and then the public vote to save those that are evicted. Someone leaves every week. They also have to do tasks to win food etc. It is really interesting to watch and the celebrity version is even better. You are so used to seeing them in a perfect acting role that you don’t know what they are really like, until they are in the Big Brother house! This year was full of scandal, right from the beginning. We’ve had an alleged homophobic politician, an actress who is getting comfortable with a model in the house when she has a boyfriend on the outside and many other crazy people! I love it. It’s pure entertainment and some of my favourite celebs are in it this year. (Jonathan Cheban from Keeping up with the Kardashions, Megan Mckenna from Ex On The Beach and Scotty T from Geordie Shore!) Scotty T to win!



I had just finished watching the new episode of Pretty Little Liars (!) on Netflix and started browsing through to find something else to watch. Just as I was about to watch Gossip Girl for the 100th time, I spotted this show on the list. I had never actually heard of it before and it looked interesting. The synopsis was that Viola Davis plays a law professor who teaches her students a more practical view on solving a murder case. She finds herself suddenly involved in the middle of an actual murder plot, with five of her students. It is such a good show! I only recognised one person, which was the cute policeman in Orange Is The New Black but the rest of the cast are amazing. I always used to wonder, when you teach people how to do stuff, or show in movies the perfect way to rob a bank, for example, what if someone actually goes out and does it! There are two seasons so far and I have been binge watching to catch up. It is 100% a favourite and will be for a long time!





OK don’t shoot me. I’ve had Twitter for a long time, but I never really knew how to use it. I’m only 26 but sometimes I feel like an OAP (!) Over the month I have been using Twitter more and self-teaching myself when the right time is to use a hash tag and how to reply to people!





Still loving the Biebs, but his album has been on replay for the 3rd month in a row, so I didn’t want to include his music again. On the odd times I switched on the radio, this song was given a lot of airtime. In fact, I first heard it at Christmas time, on the House of Fraser advert. That line “You don’t own me” is really catchy. I then heard it more on the radio and started to love it.





Ok, I have no idea how I found this YouTuber, but I somehow did and I am so grateful for it! Niki is an american YouTuber who has been making videos for ages with her twin sister. The channel that I came across was Niki and Gabi, which is their beauty channel together (click here for the link!) but I found myself more interested in watching Niki. They are twins but very different to each other. Gabi is more fancy, whereas in my opinion, Niki is more real. I then found her vlogging channel and became addicted. I love watching her as she’s American so it’s different to how we live here in England. I love that they spend a lot of time on the beach, go out and get doughnuts all the time and just the typical American stuff you see on TV! If you want to see her channel, click here.



I must admit this does look like a weird favourite, but I only discovered it and it has made my life so much easier. I watch so many people on YouTube that I don’t always watch the videos as they upload them. I used to just have all videos in my sub box and would just try and remember if I had watched it or not. Over Christmas, EVERYONE was vlogging and there were just too many videos to watch in one go. Somehow I found the Watch Later playlist, where you just add the videos you want to watch later. I love it! Now, I just add all the videos to the playlist when they come out and watch it in my own time. Sometimes I link YouTube to my TV and watch through everything in one go whilst doing housework. Sometimes I pick and choose what I want to watch first. I love it and I’m glad I found it!

watch later

Until next time!



In A Week 25th – 31st January 2016

I love the idea of Daily Vlogging on YouTube but it’s harder than it seems! I thought I would do a version of it on here, mainly for me. I want to be able to look back and see how my week was, especially with E growing up and doing things VERY quickly, every day. I think I will call this category “In A Week” and keep it up as long as I can! I only thought about it this week so I don’t have any pictures, but hopefully next week I will get some pictures uploaded as well! Hope you enjoy it and let me know if you relate to anything.



So much for a relaxing day at home. I spent the day running around after E as she became more confident in walking. She is currently so amazed that she can now walk, that she takes a few steps and starts clapping! It is pretty cute. To break up the day, we took a little walk over to Sainsburys to pick up some milk and ended up buying some more stuff I did not need, just like I usually do!


Busy day at work! Found out that I had the best percentage in my team which always makes me feel good since I do the least hours out of everyone! Had one of those moments when I came home where I had nothing to eat. Bagels, out of date. Avacado, out of date. No frozen food. Mayo, out of date. GOT TAKEAWAY IN THE END! Don’t we all have moments like that? Didn’t feel so good when I went to bed though!


E threw up on the way to dropping her off at my mums house (as I was going to work), couldn’t get rid of the vomit from the car seat –  I scrubbed at it with wipes, anti-bacterial spray AND Febreeze but nothing worked –  the car stinks of vomit! Busy day at work. Lovely compliment from my Team Leader. Came home and sat down to watch  Pretty Little Liars. *SPOILER ALERT!!* So we finally find out what is wrong with Emily, but is it bad that I kinda wished she was sick! And OH.MY.GOD. SPALEB!! NOOO!! Also Aria really looks pretty! Then I spent the rest of the evening catching up on YouTube videos. So hungry but still have not been food shopping, so nothing to eat. At least I have ordered chicken from the butchers now!


Great day at work but so glad it’s over for the week! (I work part time, so 3 days a week) On my way home, I went to pick up E from my mum’s house and smelt that familiar aroma of home made Pakistani style chicken curry. For the first time in months, I ate a dish made by my mother and it was AMAZING. Also had quite an interesting conversation with my sisters (as you do when you are all sitting together late night!) about life, marriage and hindsight! 


FINALLY watched Suits! HOW AMAZING! LOVED IT. I think it was ten times better than Pretty Little Liars. So much happened in the first episode and I guess the theme for the next few episodes is #WhoSoldMikeOut. Had a few friends come round in the afternoon which was really nice. One of them has a little boy about 6 months older than E, however E paid no attention to him! The hubby has gone away to Manchester for a Magic:The Gathering (!) tournament. How sad is that, seriously. He will be away till Sunday. Finally watched Celebrity Big Brother and WHAT AN EPISODE. It was crazy, embarrassing to watch and the wrong person left the house. Seriously, when are they going to get rid of Stephanie!


Interesting night without the husband. Actually had a good nights sleep for once. I’ve had a bed to myself for over 20 years. It was strange to have to share it with someone! Made some plans for my little sisters 18th, which will be a LOT of fun! We went to a birthday party today, for my cousin’s son. It was actually so much fun! They had a DJ, lot’s of finger food and the kids had fun – not sure about the music though, very inappropriate for kids! 


E went off to spend the day with her Nana, whilst I spend the afternoon in town, just running some errands. Hubby came back in the afternoon and we are just having a chill evening, catching up on some TV. E did something new today! If I say “Aaah” to her, to get her to open her mouth, she says “Aaah” and opens her mouth! It’s so cute and crazy to see that she actually understands me!