In A Week 25th – 31st January 2016

I love the idea of Daily Vlogging on YouTube but it’s harder than it seems! I thought I would do a version of it on here, mainly for me. I want to be able to look back and see how my week was, especially with E growing up and doing things VERY quickly, every day. I think I will call this category “In A Week” and keep it up as long as I can! I only thought about it this week so I don’t have any pictures, but hopefully next week I will get some pictures uploaded as well! Hope you enjoy it and let me know if you relate to anything.



So much for a relaxing day at home. I spent the day running around after E as she became more confident in walking. She is currently so amazed that she can now walk, that she takes a few steps and starts clapping! It is pretty cute. To break up the day, we took a little walk over to Sainsburys to pick up some milk and ended up buying some more stuff I did not need, just like I usually do!


Busy day at work! Found out that I had the best percentage in my team which always makes me feel good since I do the least hours out of everyone! Had one of those moments when I came home where I had nothing to eat. Bagels, out of date. Avacado, out of date. No frozen food. Mayo, out of date. GOT TAKEAWAY IN THE END! Don’t we all have moments like that? Didn’t feel so good when I went to bed though!


E threw up on the way to dropping her off at my mums house (as I was going to work), couldn’t get rid of the vomit from the car seat –  I scrubbed at it with wipes, anti-bacterial spray AND Febreeze but nothing worked –  the car stinks of vomit! Busy day at work. Lovely compliment from my Team Leader. Came home and sat down to watch  Pretty Little Liars. *SPOILER ALERT!!* So we finally find out what is wrong with Emily, but is it bad that I kinda wished she was sick! And OH.MY.GOD. SPALEB!! NOOO!! Also Aria really looks pretty! Then I spent the rest of the evening catching up on YouTube videos. So hungry but still have not been food shopping, so nothing to eat. At least I have ordered chicken from the butchers now!


Great day at work but so glad it’s over for the week! (I work part time, so 3 days a week) On my way home, I went to pick up E from my mum’s house and smelt that familiar aroma of home made Pakistani style chicken curry. For the first time in months, I ate a dish made by my mother and it was AMAZING. Also had quite an interesting conversation with my sisters (as you do when you are all sitting together late night!) about life, marriage and hindsight! 


FINALLY watched Suits! HOW AMAZING! LOVED IT. I think it was ten times better than Pretty Little Liars. So much happened in the first episode and I guess the theme for the next few episodes is #WhoSoldMikeOut. Had a few friends come round in the afternoon which was really nice. One of them has a little boy about 6 months older than E, however E paid no attention to him! The hubby has gone away to Manchester for a Magic:The Gathering (!) tournament. How sad is that, seriously. He will be away till Sunday. Finally watched Celebrity Big Brother and WHAT AN EPISODE. It was crazy, embarrassing to watch and the wrong person left the house. Seriously, when are they going to get rid of Stephanie!


Interesting night without the husband. Actually had a good nights sleep for once. I’ve had a bed to myself for over 20 years. It was strange to have to share it with someone! Made some plans for my little sisters 18th, which will be a LOT of fun! We went to a birthday party today, for my cousin’s son. It was actually so much fun! They had a DJ, lot’s of finger food and the kids had fun – not sure about the music though, very inappropriate for kids! 


E went off to spend the day with her Nana, whilst I spend the afternoon in town, just running some errands. Hubby came back in the afternoon and we are just having a chill evening, catching up on some TV. E did something new today! If I say “Aaah” to her, to get her to open her mouth, she says “Aaah” and opens her mouth! It’s so cute and crazy to see that she actually understands me! 





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