Glossy Box February Review | BEAUTY

This months Glossy Box delivery actually came as a surprise. I’m not sure why, but for some reason I was expecting it to come a bit later in the month. Anyway, it meant that I was even more excited to open it up and see what February brings! This months box obviously had a Valentines Day theme. Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the design! Very cute.


So this is what I received.


Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor

Full Size £6.99


Whaa? That was my first impression when I spotted this in the box. I say spotted, it was the first thing I saw as it’s so big and bulky! After my initial confusion, I actually appreciate it because it saves me buying another razor. Apparently this one moisturises the skin at the same time as getting rid of the hair.

Nicka K New York 24h Waterproof Eyeliner

Full Size £3.99


I feel like I have been sent a product from this brand before, but can’t really put my finger on it. This eyeliner looks pretty good though. I swatched it on my hand and the colour is a lovely warm brown. It also didn’t budge all day, which is the aim of a 24 hour eyeliner! I love how you have to twist the pencil at the bottom to get it out. I always find that my eye liners break a lot, so at least this way the point will stay intact. My eyebrow pencil finished today and I didn’t have another to hand, other than this eyeliner. Yes, I did use an eyeliner on my eyebrows and let me tell you, it actually worked. The stroke is so thin and soft that you don’t have to use ANY pressure. Literally use small hairlike strokes and it builds up so quickly. Definitely great for using on the brows!

The Vintage Cosmetic Company Floral Slanted Tweezers

Full Size £8


Little disappointed with this. Tweezers are tweezers. They do the job and I guess they are quite cute. I know that I will barely use them though, as I tend to thread my eyebrows rather than pluck. Regardless, we can’t always be happy with everything and they are nice enough to sit on my dressing table!

Naobay Protective Hair Mask Volume Conditioner

Full Size £10.64


Not another hair mask! That was my first impression, in all honesty. It’s not that I don’t like them – in fact, I have never tried a hair mask. My issue is simple. I have a 15 month old daughter and that means I can only have a quick shower, before she starts fussing. How about waiting till she is asleep, you ask? My other issue is that we have a water meter, so there isn’t much hot water. My husband has a shower every day, so one more person having a shower then makes the hot water run out. Therefore, I have really quick showers and don’t have time to wait. With this mask you have to wash your hair, apply it, wait 3 minutes and then wash it out. It’s something I should try when I stay at a hotel I think!

MUA Power Pout Glaze Low Voltage Gloss

Full Size £3.50


This product we all knew was included in the February box. I was expecting it to be good because in a previous box they had included an MUA Eyeshadow pallette (click here to read that post) which I absolutely loved. I received the lip gloss in a red colour. When you open up the lid, the applicator is a brush. You twist the bottom and the product comes out on the brush. I was a bit dubious to start with as I know with other products like this, you get too much product to begin with. I was right and could not apply it properly with the brush. The gloss was just getting everywhere and I ended up looking like a vampire. The colour was actually quite nice – a really bright glossy red – but I don’t like the applicator and I hate the sticky feeling on your lips when you wear gloss. Unfortunately this is one I won’t be using!


It was nice to see 5 full size products this month. The design of the box was actually cute but I was surprised with the type of products that were included. Tweezers and Razors are more necessities rather than a gift. Saying that, it does mean I don’t have to go out and buy new ones for a while!




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