My Everyday Make-Up Routine | BEAUTY

I love watching/reading about how other girls do their make up. I love how everyone does it in a different order, different products, different technique but all for the same end result. A nice, natural looking finish! I really don’t know much about make up and have only recently started to wear more products but I wanted to show how I do my every day make up anyway!


  • Moisturise my face

This is a step I never miss out. I don’t feel awake until I have washed my face and applied some moisturiser. I have used many different products but I love using Silkona which is actually from Pakistan! I used to use Pond’s but they discontinued the one I used to use, so I found that this was the only one that left my skin feeling refreshed.


  • Apply the Etre Belle skin Roll-On

This is a fairly new step as this product came in a Glossybox I received not long ago. (click here to read that review). I just love it as you just roll it under your eyes and it instantly wakes you up! I used to have something similar when I was younger but I can’t remember what that was called.


  • Apply face primer

If I am going to work, I always use a primer. For just going out in the daytime, I sometimes miss out this step. Still, I do find that it keeps my make-up somewhat in place. I apply most of it under my eyes and then smooth it out over the rest of my face. I use the Emite Makeup Diamond Heart primer which I also received in a previous Glossybox. (click here to read that post)


  • Apply lip protection

My lips are always dry so I always apply a lip care or lip protection. I use No7 Protect & Perfect and just apply a thin layer over my lips. It instantly provides a protective layer and starts to hydrate my lips. I have used this for a few years now and nothing else comes close. I did start to use something I received in a subscription box but it was touch and go, whereas this ALWAYS works. You can see that I use it a lot as it is nearly finished.


  • Apply concealer

I don’t like to wear foundation, so instead I use concealer. My favourite is Collection Lasting Perfection and I just apply this in a triangle shape under my eyes. I then blend it out with a brush. I do have extremely dark circles though, so it doesn’t always fully cover them. I recently found this Benefit Boi-ing which is actually perfect, so I use this more now. I actually got this in a Benefit Sample Box from Boots (click here to read that post)


  • Apply eyeshadow primer

I dab a small amount of Urban Decay Primer Potion on my eyelids and then blend it out with my finger. This product is amazing and it really helps keep the eyeshadow on.

  • Apply eyeshadow

I only ever use one eyeshadow palette for every day make up and that would be the Sleek Natural Palette. I LOVE it. I just use the applicator that comes with the product and pack it onto my eyelids. As the colours are matte and so natural, you can apply a fair bit and it looks flawless.


  • Apply eyeliner

I have recently changed the way I apply eyeliner because I changed the product I use. Since day 1, I have used Collection Fast Stroke and I would apply this by first making an upward line from the bottom corner of my eye, to the top. Then I would just draw a line on my eyelid, join it up to the end and fill in any gaps. Now I use Maybelline Master Ink and I just have to make small strokes and draw a line. The way the brush is designed allows you to do this so easily.


  • Apply a highlighter on my waterline

I don’t always do this, but it helps to make the eyes look wider and more awake, so I just apply the So Susan Highlighting Crayon on my waterline.


  • Apply mascara

A make up look feels weird if you don’t apply mascara! I am LOVING the Maybelline Lash Sensational at the moment and apply this in a zigzag motion from the bottom to the top.

  • Fill in my brows

I love filling my brows in. I have naturally full eyebrows but they do have gaps where the hair doesn’t grow. I find filling them in makes them look better. For a long time I was using a normal brown eyeshadow with an angled brush. Then I discovered Tanya Burr’s Eyeshadow Palette and started using that, with an angled brush. Now, I use the Soap & Glory Archery pen. I draw a line underneath my eyebrows, till the arch. Then, with small strokes, I just fill all the gaps in. I just find that this makes it look neater. I still use a spooly at the end to brush it all out. The Archery pen is double sides, so you have a brush on one end and the pencil on the other!


  • Lipstick/lipgloss

Finally, a lipstick. I always use a nude colour or sometimes a pinkish tone. I used to always use Rimmel Kate No 5. I now use Soap & Glory or sometimes even the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Edition. Sometimes I like to use a lipgloss instead and I only use Tanya Burr’s selection as they are not sticky!


It is a fairly simple routine that takes only 10 minutes to do. In all honestly, if I am going out for the night, the only difference in my make up would be that I use a tinted moisturiser, add a darker eyeshadow to my crease, use a more vibrant lipstick and use eye-liner on my waterline as well!

Until next time!



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