My Favourite Disney Movies! | TOP TEN


Sleeping Beauty

Out of all the classics, Sleeping Beauty was my favourite. In my opinion she was the prettiest princess AND I loved Prince Philip. Maleficent was crazy scary but I just loved the idea behind the movie and the message about true love. The scene that scared me the most was when Maleficent turns into a dragon and the music gets REALLY loud and scary. My favourite would actually be when the fairies are fighting over what colour the cake/dress will be! “Pink” “Blue” !


Lady and the Tramp

This is a movie I could watch on repeat and not get tired. I watch a lot of movies with the same theme – rich falling in love with the poor, but this time it just involved dogs! The scene that scared me the most was with the Siamese cats *shudders* and my favourite would have to be the ending with all the babies!


Toy Story

Who doesn’t love Toy Story! The very idea that your toys come alive when you are not looking is amazing.I remember lining up my toys in a specific order and leaving the room, hoping to come back to them in a different order. It never happened. There wasn’t a scary scene, but I did get really upset when Andy starts playing with Woody more. That was quite a sad moment in the movie. My favourite would be when all the presents are being opened, right at the beginning.


Cinderella three

I don’t know how many people will have watched this, but I LOVE this movie, so much more than the original Cinderella. I think I loved it because it had more than one story in it. I loved the storyline where the Evil Stepmother gets hold of the Fairy Godmothers wand and changes it so that the slipper fits Anastasia and not Cinderella! There is another story where one of the mice wants to be human and so the Fairy Godmother grants him that wish. The final story is when Anastasia falls in love. There are no scary moments, just points where I felt really sorry for Cinderella. My favourite moments where in the last story where Anastasia finds love.


wreck it ralph

I have not seen a movie like this before, which is why it will now always be a firm favourite. I love the idea that the characters in the games we play are real! I used to think this when I was younger – that the game would finish but the characters would get back to their real lives. I hated the part where Ralph is treated like crap in his game and loved EVERYTHING else that happened. Really good movie!


finding nemo

I remember watching this for the first time and laughing so much. It is quite a family movie, showing how much love a parent has for their child! When Coral dies in the beginning, that was quite upsetting, but the rest of the movie is fantastic. Dory is by far my favourite character. I didn’t know who Ellen Degeneres at the time and when I did start watching her show, after a while I thought, hey! She sounds a lot like Dory!



Boo is the best thing about this movie. It is such a classic and such a funny movie. I hated when Sully and Mike were sent through the door and abolished, but all the parts with Boo in it were really good. Also how funny was Mike when he was so happy about getting his picture in the paper, but every time they covered his face up! A storyline where using the stuff of nightmares for children across time, to power up their city, is just gold.



Mulan will always have a soft spot for me. It was the first movie where I really felt for the character and it was different because Mulan was not weak. She disguised herself as a man to go to war so that her disabled father would not need to. I identified with how she didn’t feel comfortable in all the feminine surroundings and the constant chatter about how she needed to get married. I absolutely LOVED the songs. My favourite would have to be “Be A Man” especially the end where Mulan – or Ping, I should say – climbs the pole to the top to get the arrow down. Mushu the dragon just makes the movie even better, and he is voiced by Eddie Murphy, so it was always going to be good!


high school musical

If I am being honest, then I have to include HSM. I loved all 3, but number 3 was my favourite, maybe because of the way it all came together. I actually went to the cinema on opening night to watch it as well. The music is really good and I still have my favourite songs downloaded on my laptop. I have so many from this movie, but I guess ” A Night To Remember” and “Scream” would be my favourites. It was such a good movie, that was meant to be just a normal Disney Channel Original film, but ended up becoming this HUGE franchise.


the lion king

Number 1 was always going to be The Lion King. I bet if I did this again in 10 years time, I would still keep The Lion King as my number 1. It is such a good movie, about family, love, responsibility and just growing up! The songs made it really enjoyable to watch as a kid and the jokes made it hilarious to watch as an adult. My favourite song would be “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” as it’s the most catchy for me. I cry EVERY TIME I watch the scene where Mufasa dies. I know it’s just a movie and I know that it’s just cartoon animals but Mufasa was such a good king! Why did he have to die? Well, I guess if he didn’t, then the rest of the movie would not have happened the way it did.

Until next time!



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