February Favourites! | FAVOURITES

This is what I have loved in the month of February!



Disney Jnr Channel/Nick Jr Channel

E does love a bit of TV, especially in the morning. She has always watched TV shows on YouTube and then the odd show on Tiny Pop/Cbeebies as we only had the Freeview channels. Recently we got a free upgrade and now get more kids TV and she is loving Disney Junior and Nick Junior. In all honesty, so am I. There are some amazing shows like Ben&Holly’s Little Kingdom. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which has now given me ideas for her 2nd Birthday! (even though it’s not till October!)

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Nicka K Eyeliner

I mentioned this in my latest Glossy Box review and it has been a firm favourite this month. In fact, I think this will remain a staple in my make up collection for a while! It is an eyeliner but I actually use it as a brow pencil! My brows are quite full anyway, but I have natural gaps. I love the fact that the pencil is so soft and the strokes are so natural looking. One thing I have found with my other eyebrow pencils are that they don’t last the whole day. This product lasts and my brows stay in place all day.


Forever Living Lip Balm

I will be doing a review on this soon, but I have been using this lip balm since I got it (about a week ago) I love it. It’s made with Aloe Vera, which is the whole concept behind Forever Living. I just love the fact that when I apply it, it instantly moisturises my lips. It is not sticky and it doesn’t make my lips dry either!




Suits is back!! I am loving it so far. SPOILER ALERT! Mike has been caught but who sold him out? I love TV shows where I don’t know where the storyline is going. This is one of those shows. Harvey is a pleasure to look at and he is just an amazing character and an amazing actor. I am not really a fan of Rachel but I love Donna! For anyone who doesn’t watch Suits, it’s about Harvey, a successful lawyer, who hires Mike as his associate. Mike however, is just a guy with a really good photogenic memory but no law degree. It’s overall funny with some amazing actors!




City Of Bones (The Mortal Instruments) by Cassandra Clare

I was looking for something new to watch on Netflix and spotted Shadow Hunters. I saw that it was the book adaption of the famous The Mortal Instruments books. The acting was dry and a little bit annoying but the story was really intriguing. I borrowed the first book from my sister as I didn’t want to go out and invest in the full set if I didn’t enjoy the first one. It is absolutely amazing. I have not been able to put it down and I am sure I will be doing a review on it. I love all the characters and I actually prefer the flow of events in the book, compared to the TV show. Jace is a VERY interesting character and I prefer him over the female lead Clary.





This is how I know I’m of a different generation, where I cannot understand something as simple as Snapchat. Everyone has been using it for AGES but even though I had the app and enjoyed watching everyone’s snaps, I was a little shy on using it myself. This month, I broke my Snapchat virginity and started using it on a daily basis. I love it! I love making a little story out of my day and including things I would normally share on Facebook.




Fetty Wap

I have been loving Fetty Wap this month! I’m not sure why, as I have loved his music for a while, but I heard 679 after a long time and that has been on repeat for ages! I know that he barely talks sense and his music is all about girls but I love the beat and the catchy “yeaah baby!”


Zayn Malik – Pillow Talk

I never thought Zayn Malik was the best singer in One Direction and when he left the band, I wasn’t that bothered. When he split up with Perrie though, I was quite annoyed. His new song came out this month and it was okay. I then heard it on the radio almost every day at work and it grew on me! I love it now. It has such a catchy tune, catchy lyrics and you have to admit that his voice is actually really good.


Snakehips – All My Friends

I heard this song on the radio and I thought it was Miley Cyrus for some reason. I’m not sure why I love it, since it’s about clubs and drinking. I don’t do any of them so I don’t relate to the song. I still love it though. I have been listening a lot to it this month!


Alessia Cara – Here

I have been listening to this song EVERYDAY on the radio. I absolutely love it. This month has been pretty big for music favourites and I couldn’t leave it out. What makes this song different from other music is the lyrics. It sounds like she wrote it and it’s a conversationalist type of song. This time I do relate to it, as I find myself in places I don’t really want to be and I always wonder what I’m doing there! Definitely worth listening to!




More Marcus

I have been subscribed to Marcus Butler for a while now. Well over a year at least and I love his videos. He has a second channel called More Marcus which was mostly daily vlogs. Over time, I started to watch them last and eventually started taking them out of my watch later queue. Marcus suddenly then changed his format and this channel started to get some amazing content. Reaction videos, challenges AND vlogs. I absolutely love it and I’ve been watching it regularly this month. I thought I would include it in my favourites because he released a parody music video, which then made at number 14 in the UK Top 40 Charts! It’s called I’m Famous and features Connor Maynard.




Yankee Candle

One of my friends went to America for Christmas and bought me back a Yankee Candle as a gift. I have never really been into candles in all honesty. I love the idea of them and love watching YouTube videos where people talk about them, but I have never really lit one constantly. I absolutely love this though. I light it almost every day and I just love the homely kinda smell that it gives off. It adds a bit of warmth and just makes me feel good, so it is a huge favourite this month!



Until next time!



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