Forever Living Products Review | BEAUTY

I first noticed Forever Living when I was selling Usborne Children’s Books. I would see them at every event that I went to and there were so many people that were representatives! Regardless, I wasn’t interested as it was all health products. Recently though, my cousin’s husband joined the company and invited me and my sisters to a home party. I will be honest, I was only going to show my support for this new venture – I know what it’s like to try and get people involved in something you believe in!

In the end, only myself, my 2 sisters and another lady made it to the party. The couple that were showing all the products were so informative, but funny at the same time, that it made me interested. As they showed all the different products, we were told how good it was for you, what it did, what it was made from and multiple uses for it! Needless to say, I spent a fair bit of money. I thought I would try it out for a few weeks and report back on my findings!

So, this is what I purchased:

Aloe Vera Gelly


I purchased this product simply because I was told that it helps with itchy skin. It is mainly for bruises, burns and irritation. You can even swallow a bit to help with a sore throat but I suffer from itchy skin. I’m not sure where it came from, but after my pregnancy, my skin constantly feels like it’s on fire. My legs are especially bad and I itch so much that they are covered in bruises. I also have irritation on my c-section scar. It’s pretty big and the skin around it hurts. So I tried this on my scar first. The gelly smells really nice and is clear. I only used a pea sized amount but instantly felt relief. The gel is soothing like a medicinal cream would be, but without that medicine-type smell. I have been slowly trying it on my legs, first to get rid of the bruises. So far, they are still there and unfortunately my legs do feel itchy still, but maybe this is something that takes time?

I know that when I apply the gel onto my skin, it instantly soothes – but not for the whole day. I’m hoping that my skin will start to recognise it and eventually it will work for longer.




I would never normally buy roll on deodorants, but at the party I was told that this not only makes you smell nice and stops you sweating, but it also helps calm down irritation after shaving. I don’t normally sweat a lot, but at work the air conditioner is ALWAYS broken, so it is always hotter than Egypt in the office. That is when I normally notice I am sweating, under arm. I used this one day to trial it out and honestly, my underarms were dry ALL day. It smells lovely and I did a little sniff test at the end of the day to find that it still smelt so nice! It’s a pretty big bottle so I know this will last me a long time!

Shampoo and Conditioner


This is another product that I saw in the brochure and decided to order. I was getting fed up with the fact that my current shampoo was making my hair feel dry and straw-like. I  was looking for a change and I am so glad I purchased these! They are fantastic. The shampoo smells lovely and lathers up quite nice. It’s easy to apply (obviously!) and washes out quickly. After the first use, I could already feel like my hair was shiny and healthy looking! I purchased the conditioner because – well, just because I thought I might as well. I’m quite funny with conditioner. I either never remember to apply it or I can’t be bothered. So far, I have been applying it every single time! You need a tiny amount and it instantly smooths and hydrates the hair!

100% will be purchasing both these products again!



I always think most toothpaste is the same. Some of them can give you whiter teeth, others just clean them, but they all do the same over all job. The only reason I purchased this was because 1. My toothpaste was running out and 2. It smelt DIVINE! After trying it out, my thoughts are still the same. It does make my mouth feel fresh, it smells lovely, you only need to use a teeny tiny amount BUT it doesn’t have a toothpaste taste? I actually quite like the taste of toothpaste so unless this works wonders on my teeth in terms of brightening, I probably won’t purchase it again.

Moisturising Lotion


At the party, we were shown two different moisturisers. Both did the same thing but one was heavy and one was light. I preferred the light one but somehow manager to order the heavy one! Since it didn’t do anything different to the other one, I decided to keep it. I apply it every morning and noticed quickly that I only had to use a tiny bit to keep my face moisturised. It has quite a nice smell to it and doesn’t leave my face feeling wet. After a week of using it, I noticed that I had dry skin under my eyes. I wasn’t sure if it was caused by the lotion, or a concealer that I think may have expired – in the end I realised it was another product! What I did notice was that this lotion helped combat the dry skin in the end. I’m undecided whether I want to order this again or not. If I do order it again, it will be the lighter textured cream!

Aloe Lips


This product is the only one I have used before and already love. It’s simply a lip balm that does everything it is meant to do and more. It moisturises your lips immediately after application. If you cracked lips it will heal them. It does not leave a sticky feeling, neither does it soak away into your lips. I LOVE how my lips look when I apply it, as they just have a healthy glow. The taste isn’t so bad either! Like all the Forever Living products, you don’t need to apply much and it goes a long way. I will be purchasing this and probably a few tubes as I would like to keep one at work!

Eye Make Up Remover


I used to use the No7 Eye Make Up Remover for over 5 years until I got tired of the oily residue left behind. They didn’t do an oil free remover so I ended up moving to the Simple facial wipes. This then left a harsh scrubbed feeling on my skin. I saw this in the Brochure and decided to try it out. I have found that it feels very gentle on the skin. It is also really easy to use – dab a bit onto some cotton wool and swipe it on your eyes to remove the make up. It genuinely removes most of the make up in one go. One negative I have about this product is that it doesn’t fully remove the mascara. I love how you only have to use a tiny little bit and it still does a good job and most importantly, there is no residue left on your face!After a week of using it, I started to find that my skin around my eyes was ridiculously dry. I knew it was something new that I was using and narrowed it down to this product. Due to that, I have asked to return the product for a refund as it did not suit my skin.



I have had quite a good experience with the Forever Living Products and some things are definitely better than others. I find that the gelly really does soothe any irritation on my skin and the shampoo is by far my favourite product.

Until next time!



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