My Little Bubble Box Review | BEAUTY

I ALWAYS look forward to this particular box, simply because I can never guess what they are going to include in it! The clues were all based around “popping” and “pop” which did make me think about certain make-up brands. It was actually so much more simple than that. Bubbles! However…  I am not sure how the theme worked with the products inside. If you didn’t know, My Little Box, is a subscription service where you receive 5 items (beauty and lifestyle related) for £14 (including P&P) a month.Onto the contents of the box.


If you have received My Little Box products before, there is always a lifestyle/home ware product which is noticeably missing this month, but I think this was still one of the best boxes they have released!


Every month, MLB send a print in each box. This  month instead of a print, I found a balloon! Obviously it goes with the theme but I also found it a bit odd. Nevertheless, it will come in use as E LOVES balloons, so she will enjoy playing with it! I had a little flick through the magazine as well, which was actually quite interesting this month! I found the section about how to use a blending sponge really helpful, as well as a random page about the history of Cadbury Creme Eggs! (which I now hate because they do not use Dairy Milk chocolate any more)

The first product I spotted was in this box. At first, I thought it was a hair cream or hair mask, as it says Happy Hair Day on the box. I was surprised to open it and find a hairbrush! It is so cute and a handy size. Even better, it actually works. On the back of the box, it tells you 3 ways you can use it. If you brush your hair with it after a shower, using circular motions, you don’t get that greasy roots look. The second is brushing your hair downwards, flipping your head upside down. This is meant to give it volume. The third is blow drying with the brush for softened locks. I have so far tried the 3rd way and it does work! My hair normally goes so frizzy when I blow dry it but when I used this brush it just had this silky, smooth look to it. Okay, it did go a little frizzy a few hours later, but I am happy with that!


Next up, another little box! When I saw the blending sponge, I will be honest, I was annoyed. I received one before in a Glossybox and didn’t like it. Still, I thought I would try it out. I followed the instructions on the box, used it damp and SERIOUSLY, WOW. This time it actually worked! I used it to blend my concealer in and I found that it didn’t leave any streaks, it blended quite well and actually stayed in place for almost the whole day. What I love about it, is the shape. It is small enough to get in the corners and the rounded bit at the end is big enough to give a flawless look to your face! Really impressed with this.


Next up were the products within the little pouch. Instantly I was excited when I saw that there was something from Givenchy, something from Essie and of course a My Little Beauty own branded product! I’ve said it in a previous post, but the little pouches are so handy! I have used one to store my contact lenses in, as I wear dailies. Another is used to store my every day eyeshadow/brow palettes. They are so much more re-usable than the actual box itself.

I used the nail polish straight away. I have never owned an Essie nail varnish, but I see people wearing it all the time. The colour looked perfect – a simple black with a hint of glitter. I used a base coat first, then started to apply it and started to notice something it. There were bits in it! The glitter was actually more 3D, and it stuck out on the nail. At this point, I felt a bit cringey. With a baby, it’s difficult to wear nail polish that isn’t smooth. After applying a top coat, it still didn’t have that smooth feeling and I was disappointed. I did however, have a few people complimenting it, so I guess it does look good? I’m not sure if I will wear it again though and I definitely would not be buying it at £7.99.


I knew the Givenchy product would be a mascara, just based on the size of the box. It looked pretty cool. Since I have discovered the Lash Sensational mascara from Maybelline, nothing ever comes close, so I was not expecting much. How wrong was I! I know this is a sample size, but I actually really liked the fact that it was small. I could reach ALL my lashes, with an even coat. It didn’t clump, I felt like I got a really good amount of volume and length. I forgot I was even wearing mascara and when I came home from work and looked in the mirror, it looked exactly the same as it did when I first applied it in the morning! Really pleased with it because it FINALLY coated my bottom lashes! It is £25 for a full size product, so I don’t really know if I would purchase it, as that is quite expensive!


The final product is a lip/cheek tint.  I received a similar product in a past Glossybox and NEVER used it, as it looked a bit weird. The brush looks like a nail polish brush and actually, that is what I originally thought it was!  This one is called a Bubble Blush and you can apply it on your lips or on your cheeks (obviously!) I quite like My Little Beauty own products as they do work. I am not too keen on tints though and I don’t particularly like the colour. This might be something that I pass along to one of my sisters!



This box was SO MUCH better than last month, as I can use every single product (bar one, maybe!) It’s hard to pick a favourite. I am using all of the products other than the Bubble Blush, so I can say I like that one the least! I am sure a few of these will be in a favourites blog sometime soon! To subscribe to the box or for more information, visit the website here

Until next time!




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