Birchbox April Review | BEAUTY

It does feel like I only just posted my last review for Birchbox and that is actually because it was only a few weeks or so ago! I joined on an awkward date, so I received the March box late and of course the April box on time! I was pretty excited to see what we would get this time round. Birchbox promised 2 make-up items, one of which was definitely a Benefit product. We also got to pick the design of the box that we wanted and had a choice to get a notebook as a bonus product, for a few quid more. I opted out of the notebook, but LOVED the floral design that I picked.


This month’s magazine was interesting again! The competition this month was to take a picture of the box and tag Birchbox in the photo, to be in for a chance to win £400 worth of Rifle Paper Goodies! I also received a 25% off Rifle Paper Co, whom designed the box this month. Feel free to use it, as I wont!

So this is what I received inside the box (minus the candle!):


LOC One and Done Shadow Stick in Empress Me

RRP £8 (this is full size)


20160408_185153I have always wanted to try out eyeshadow pens, simply because they are so easy to use! I was happy to see Birchbox’s own was included this month. The colour is pretty intense and doesn’t budge. I haven’t had a chance to use it all over my eyelids, but I did use it as a liner with a neutral eyeshadow and it looked good. It is a bronze kind of colour, with a shine to it. I am not a huge fan of shimmer, but I think this is more of a metallic look, rather than shimmer. I will definitely try it out on the eyelids though and just blend the edges out a fair bit so it isn’t that strong.

Benefit Cosmetics Dew The Hoola

RRP £22.50 (This is a sample size)


Birchbox told all subscribers that everyone would receive a Benefit product this month out of the following options: The new liquid bronzer, the Bad Gal Mascara, Air Patrol Primer or the They’re Real Mascara. Out of all the options I was hoping for the primer, since I don’t really like the mascara’s and I don’t really know how to use bronzer. Funnily enough, I got the Bronzer! I read the instructions and tried it out. It is a really good consistency but I did have a few problems. Firstly it was QUITE orange on my skin. I am pretty sure it is meant to be brown? I have in between light and dark skin, so I’m sure the colour for contouring is meant to be brown. Anyway  the other issue was that it was super hard to blend. Nevertheless, it did end up looking good, once I had gone over it with a darker contour kit!

Kueshi Foot Care Cream

RRP £12 (This is a sample size)


Foot creams might seem a  bit odd, but as we are nearing the summer weather, it is actually the perfect sample to receive! I always neglect my feet and should look after them more. Before I could get too excited, I read the ingredients to find that it contains almonds – meaning I am allergic and cannot use it!  I am gutted, as it would have been a really good product to use right now.

Parlor Touchable Curl Cream

RRP £17 (This is a sample size) 


I am a little annoyed about this product. It is my own fault though, as I misunderstood what it actually was! It says that its a curl cream and it smells EXACTLY like curling mousse. I assumed it is cream that makes your hair curly, so I tried it out and nothing happened. I then read the leaflet and FACE PALM. It’s a cream to control curly hair. I don’t know why I have received it, as my hair is NOT curly. It is a little wavy, but not out of control, that I would need a cream to control it! A little disappointed as it’s not a product that is of any use to me.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

RRP £17 (This is a sample size)


On first sight I thought this was perfume. It is actually oil, that you just apply in small amounts on your face or body. You can even use it in your hair which is pretty cool. It is meant to nourish the skin. Unfortunately for me, I am unable to use it as it contains 6 essential oils – 3 of which contain nuts. As I am allergic, I would not be able to use this. It does smell REALLY nice though and had I not been allergic to nuts, I would have used this.


I felt like the box was a little less useful this month. Two products contain nuts so I cannot use them. I sent Birchbox a message to see if they might swap it with something else, but I haven’t heard back and it has been a few days. I am disappointed with their customer service, in that sense. The curling cream didn’t work for me and the bronzer was okay. The only good product was the eyeshadow stick.

It did feel like the box was a little empty as well. Last month I received 6 products and an extra as a bonus. This month, there were only 5, with one full size?  Seems a little bit stingy, but would I have preferred full size products that I didn’t like? Probably not.

Until next time!





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