Glossy Box April Review | BEAUTY

Glossy Box time came round quite quickly this month. I think this might be due to the fact that I subscribe to 3 different beauty boxes, all which are delivered at different times in the month, so I feel like the next box arrives quite quick! After the last awful box, I was hoping this month would be better. There was a product which had been shown in last months product card, which I was quite excited to try out but again, this month was a disappointment.

I didn’t even end up taking a picture of the contents together as I was so annoyed, so I will just move on to the review!




20160411_144810 (3)I didn’t even know that Next do a make up range, so I was surprised to get it and not disappointed at all. There are 3 shades available and I received the hot pink colour. I actually really like this. The application is amazing. The lipstick is in the shape of a crayon so you can apply it really nicely. The colour is quite strong and pigmented. Next time I might try and blend it out with a nude, so it isn’t so… pink! Most of my lipsticks do dry out my lips but this funnily enough did not. It is very moisturising. Regardless this is not a bad product.




This actually looked pretty interesting when I first spotted it. It is literally a nail drying solution. You paint your nails and then spray it on top to get your nails dry super quick. However, upon reading the instructions, you apply a base coat, nail polish, top coat, WAIT ONE MINUTE and THEN spray the mist on top. That really does not sound like it is a quick solution and for that reason I haven’t attempted to use it yet.




2016-04-22 07.52.48Most people would be happy with henna tattoo’s but since I am of Asian heritage, henna is pretty common for me. The craze for temporary henna tattoo’s has been quite hectic the last year or so and my friend designs/sells her own range. I prefer those 100 times over these tattoo’s as the designs in this pack are awful. They do not look pretty, I don’t like the white and also, I am not a 10 year old kid, who enjoys temporary tattoo’s! If you didn’t know how to use them, you literally cut out the design and place it face down on your skin (wherever you want to apply it) You then wet the back of the paper and smooth it all out, then lift the paper and the design should be imprinted onto your skin.

The picture I’ve added of the black and gold henna tattoo is MUCH better than the ones that came in the Glossy Box. If you are interested in those, her website is here. The quality, price and designs are so much better (this is just an opinion, not sponsored or any affiliate links!)




You can never really so no to a good brow product. This pencil comes in two shades, to cater to everyone. You have the dark end and the light end. I tried it out on my eyebrows and found that the darker end was still way to light for my eyebrows. After 10 minutes working on filling them in, it ended up looking pretty awful. I will just give this away to someone who has thinner eyebrows, because otherwise I will forever be sitting at my dressing table, trying to get my eyebrows filled in.

I’ve added a before and after – my brows are pretty full as they are, but I don’t like the gaps in them. That is why I like using something to fill them in. On the right, you can see the finished look and it does look different – maybe a bit more neater? Unfortunately I didn’t like how it looked.




What a disappointment. This was the product that I was waiting for, from the moment I found out it was included in the April box. I have seen so many Youtubers rave about it and I wanted to give it a go. It’s a facial oil that you massage a few drops in your fact and neck. It is meant to revitalise and refresh the whole face. The Glossy Box team decide to send out a sample size and on the back it says FREE SAMPLE. Seriously. They did this last month as well, where they sent out something that I could have just gone into the shop and picked up for free myself. This type of thing really annoys me and I don’t use the product out of annoyance. Unfortunately I haven’t used it, so I can’t really review it, but I had to get a rant in.


I’m getting a little annoyed with Glossy Box. I feel like if I don’t like the products, then I don’t like writing about them either and the whole review seems boring when I read it back! However, it is the truth. I only enjoyed one product, which was the Next lipstick. Here is to hoping next month will be better…

Until next time!



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