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I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had a chance to review the new MLB! It was quite a different box… or should I say “book” this month. Rather than the usual box, all the products were sent inside a box that actually looked like a book. The theme was My Little Flower Book. I applaud them for trying something different, but it’s the first time I have had to throw the box away (keep doing this, we have to many boxes already, (from husband)- it’s so flimsy and bulky so I can’t keep it!  If you didn’t know, My Little Box, is a subscription service where you receive 5 items (beauty and lifestyle related) for £14 (including P&P) a month.Onto the contents of the box.



I never read the magazine that comes with this box, with a hit girl on the front, wit woo. I don’t really find any of it interesting, so that went straight to one side. The first thing I spotted was a little box and something that looked like a bag? I was quite excited as that meant 2 lifestyle products this month!


Upon further investigation, the little box is actually a pop up garden! Priced at £7 (really?) you pop upon the little city scene and inside there is absorbent paper. Wet the paper, add the seeds and simply water it a little every day and I believe cress will grow! It is such a cute idea and I actually really like the design – however I placed it on my window sill and both camels knocked it down almost 5 minutes later, so that was the end of that…


The bag ended up being a travel pouch for lingerie. Priced at £13, it feels so soft! I have never really carried my underwear in a special bag before. It actually makes sense as I normally tuck everything into a corner and hope no one will look in that side of my bag/suitcase!  Upon further reflection, it is actually really small. I’ve read reviews from other bloggers and everyone says that same thing. It’s OK if you have a small bra size, but for the over D ladies, you won’t fit anything inside! I do think it is really good for knickers though, so I am keeping it. Look at the design though, it is very cute!


20160418_143415Next up are the products in the pouch. I was OVER THE MOON to get another Nails Inc product. I think they sent a lighter colour last time. This time, the colour is quite a deep plum. I applied it the same day, with a base coat and top coat. The application was easy and it didn’t streak. I did find that it looked a little messy at the end, compared to other nail polishes, but that could have just been me. When you have a little almost 2 year old running around everywhere, easy application of nail polish is a hard task!

I quite like dark colours on my nails as I think it works well with my skin colour. Also, excuse my hands – for some reason, I have so many lines in my hand! Does anyone else have that? From the picture it looks like I am 80, not 26! She looks about 16 hands of an 80 year old, my face spends to much time doing these blogs, hopefully she doesn’t read my comments and posts it.  Anyway, back to the point – I had to apply 3 coats to get the colour fully through and they were thin layers of course. After a few days, it did start to chip but that is normal I guess. Happy with this product! Price of the nail polish is normally £11.


Next up is a face mask! I am happy to try this out and see if it works – I haven’t had any time to do so. It doesn’t require much effort. According to the back of the tube, you just apply it on your face, avoiding around the eyes. Leave for 5 minutes and then rinse off. In all fairness, I could do that at any point, but I feel like I want to apply a mask to relax, so I am just waiting for that perfect opportunity. It smells AMAZING though. One negative point is that we did just receive a mask in the last box as well, so they should really think outside the box with the products as well. This is My Little Beauty’s own range and is priced at £11. I don’t know if that’s expensive or not for a mask, but I will try it out and report back.


Last product was this shower gel. I know a lot of people were unhappy with this, but I can never say no to a shower gel! I have to say though, since I discovered foaming shower gel (from the first Birchbox) I haven’t looked at any other type. Again, this smells so delicious, so it doesn’t really matter. It’s a sample size but it’s actually quite decent. I could get quite a lot of washes out of it and Glossy Box should take note of sample sizes in other beauty boxes!!! (had to make a little dig there – GB’s sample sizes are ridiculous) Anyway, this shower gel is £25…. WHAT? Did I just read that correctly? Oh no, sorry, it’s £15! Still, that is quite expensive for a shower gel. I won’t purchase this again, but still happy that I received it.


I wasn’t overly keen or overly excited about the box as a whole. I guess that everything is useable though! The shower gel (on my monthly wash) and nail polish will be used a lot. The travel bag will be used when I go away and I am sure that when I get the time, I will use the face mask. The only thing that I didn’t use was the little pop up garden but that was not for lack of trying! Damn cats! Forever knocking things over.

Until next time!



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