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E is 18 months old! How crazy is that. She’s walking and babbling away, so of course her playing skills have changed as well. She now absolutely loves playing with little figures. I purchased the little In The Night Garden set half price, at Tesco. We have lost a few characters somewhere, but she loves playing with them. She also loves Twirlywoos, so I purchased the figure set for her. She is quite funny to watch, as she likes taking the figures out of the box, lining them up, then throwing them back in the box! I like to use my Glossy Boxes to store the figures in.



Another favourite for E this month is shoes! She absolutely loves her shoes. I feel like I may have mentioned this before in a previous favourite, but I will do it again. She likes to put her own shoes on these days, even though she can only get them over her toes! She has a few pairs and picks the ones that she wants to wear herself! It is very cute and girls always like shoes!



Ardere Cosmetics Concealer

I have actually done an in depth review on this product but I am loving this concealer. I don’t think I will change it up now – although I always say that! It’s the Ardere concealer by Amena (Amenakin or Pearl Daisy as you might know her) and it is amazing. The coverage is so good and you don’t feel like you are wearing any product! I will say though, if you don’t set it in place with a powder, it doesn’t last long, but as long as you do that, this concealer is amazing.



Pointless Blog Hoodie

If you read my blog a lot, you know that I love watching Alfie Deyes aka Pointless Blog on YouTube. He simply uploads daily vlogs, games and challenges over his 3 YouTube accounts and has also been releasing merchandise. I think I will be doing a review on that soon, but for now this hoodie HAS to be included in this month’s favourites. I literally wear it everywhere. It doesn’t matter if I’m wearing a dress or something that the hoodie does not match with. It is so comfy and warm. I love the sleeves as they have this soft lining at the end which just clinch the material in at the end. It is a simple grey hoodie and even after washing it, the colour has remained the same. Awesome product, I know it will be worn for months.

HomewareYankee Candles

I think I included a candle in a previous favourite blog, but recently, they have been a staple in my home! My husband bought 2 for Mother’s Day and I love them both. One is almost finished and the other I light in the bedroom, but have had to move over to the lounge as I didn’t have any more candles left! When I first smelt the scent, I felt it was a little “bathroom-y” My husband even said that all the candles smelt like they were meant to be used in the bathroom. I tried it out anyway and over time, the smell changed! The red one is a sweet berry type of smell and it is strong enough to smell nice. It is not overbearing. The orange one is much sweeter, but it’s that type of smell that you might not smell it whilst in the room, but if you leave and come back, the lovely smell hits you! Candles have been a huge favourite this month.


TV Geordie Shore

I am a huge reality TV show fan and Geordie Shore has been back this month. In all honesty, it is such a load of trash but I love it anyway. It’s a reality TV show, based on a few people being thrown in a house together in Newcastle. They go out, drink, sleep around, fight etc. I really enjoy it because I have become invested in the characters. I am sure it is scripted in some way, like most reality TV, but people like Charlotte Crosby act the same in the show as she does in real life. Well, I follow her on YouTube and she is the same crazy funny girl there. It’s quite entertaining, so I am being honest and including it!


Made In Chelsea

Speaking of reality TV (by the way, I do watch normal TV as well!) Made In Chelsea is also back! Now this I can normally miss an episode (even a series) and not be bothered, but the new season is a little crazy! This is a fully scripted Reality TV Show, filmed in Chelsea, London. The show follows a whole bunch of rich kids/adults and its the normal reality TV nonsense. Relationships, fighting, etc. It is so different to Geordie Shore, in the way that they live their lives. They are born into money and talk a bit posh but at the end of the day, when they fight, the ugly side comes out. Still entertaining and totally worth watching. Kensington is pretty beautiful actually. I stayed in a hotel there once and the buildings are stunning! I live around an hour away from London.



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