My Little Dolce Vita Box | BEAUTY

This box was the first of my subscriptions to arrive in the post and I was pleasantly surprised at how early it was! Normally, it is the last. Since I received Glossy Box, Birchbox and My Little Box all literally in the same week, I have been delayed in posting reviews! Nevertheless, here it is. My box is the Dolce Vita box, although I am a little confused, as other people have received a Ciao Bella box?

Anyway, onto the contents of the box:



20160507_132037First thing I spotted was this little box. Very cute and very intriguing. I tried to guess what was inside the box before opening it and thought that it might be a scarf. I wasn’t too far off as it’s a turban! These are pretty trendy and look quite cute if you wear them the right way. What I loved was that at the back of the box, you get a few different styles and ways to tie it up, in case you were stuck on ideas. This would have been perfect if not for the actual print. It doesn’t really look good in the photo’s and actually looks worse in real life. I couldn’t find anything to match with it. Other than that, it is actually quite comfortable to wear!

I was so excited when I opened the next little box. Inside was a ring! It’s only £12 but its such a beautiful design and adjustable. I immediately popped it on my finger and I love it because it looks good with my gold thumb ring. I am so happy with this product as it is worth the money. It looks good, it feels quite sturdy and I am sure it wont make my finger go green! Also, this is so much better and more practical than those horrible bracelets sent out a few boxes ago. Onto the beauty pouch!


I love seeing what products are sent out in the pouch as they usually contains some really good make up items. First thing was this moisturiser. At first I was quite happy as I really do need moisturiser for my legs. It is prices at £8 which is not a lot of money, even though it is a small tube. Then I realised that its a self tanner, so it will make your legs darker in some form. I am already tanned – permanently tanned, I would say, as I am brown-skinned. Therefore I don’t really think this will be a good idea. Having said that, I never wear clothes that reveal my legs, so if I tried it and it did tan them, no one would see? Might be worth trying, just to get the moisture back in them!


Next up is this beautiful box, which contained body oil! It actually smells so amazing and is quite practical to use. After a shower, whilst your skin is still moist, simply pat it all over. It does cost £16.90 for a 50ml bottle, which I do think is quite over priced for oil. I was looking forward to using this and then realised that it contains Almond Oil. The story of my life, as I am allergic to nuts, so I can’t use it. Still, I am sure one of my sisters will be happy to trial it out!


Last thing is this cute little perfume sample. It smells so incredible. Really fresh with a hint of something sweet. I have not actually applied it yet, so I don’t know how long it lasts but it costs £69 for a 50ml bottle! For that price, it better stay on the whole day. I will have to trial it out and report back but I think it was a good addition to the box!


I thought this box was a bit of a mixture. The only thing that I will always use is the ring. The beauty products were all really good ideas actually but out of all 3, the perfume is the only one I would wear. The turban would have been a good product if it was in a nicer print. I don’t think this was the worst box, but we have had better products before!

Until next time!



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