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This month I received all 3 beauty subscription services over 2 days. Glossy Box, Birchbox and My Little Beauty. Due to so many things to try, I have been quite late in uploading my reviews! Luckily for me, this is the last one to review, so I hope you all enjoy it!  I was so excited when I first saw the box because seriously, look at it! How pretty is it! I loved the doodles on the front and immediately started colouring it in. I received the London box and it was fun to spot all the landmarks that I already know, since I live about an hour away from London!


20160509_123903I have to include a picture of the packaging because I thought it was just so well done. I would not normally link the colour green with London, but I felt that it worked really well. When I studied the front of the box a bit more, I noticed that there is actually a lot of greenery in there. Tree’s, bushes, parks etc so I guess it all does match together!

So this is what I received inside:





Every month, we know of one product that we will receive in the box. This time it was the new Revlon mascara. There were a few choices to pick from but I went for the ultimate all in one. This promises to give volume and length. I picked it because the wand is quite unique looking. It is very small with the smallest bristled I have ever seen on a mascara wand before! I will say that I was not expecting much, as Revlon are not my favourite drugstore brand. I always find that the products just don’t work. I am happy to say that is not the case for this product. As the wand is so small, it gets product through every single lash, which is an issue I normally have with other mascaras. I found that my lashes looked much longer and more even as well. It did clog at some points, but I find that clumpy mascara looks better sometimes. I don’t like my lashes to look like spiders and I don’t felt this happened. I won’t say it’s the best mascara out there – my favourite is still the Lash Sensational from Maybelline – but it’s easy to remove and so easy to apply.




I don’t really have a lot of love for creams but this may have come at the best time for me. For some reason, I am suffering with dry skin underneath my eyes, so I need a moisturiser that will not dry my skin out. This one looks good and promises to plump, smooth and soften the complexion! I wish I had tried it out, but I just have not had the time yet. I will report back though, if it works! I also really liked the sample size. You only need a pea sized amount, so this tube should last quite a while!




As soon as I saw this product, it reminded me of the NYX matte lip creams. I used to buy the Collection Cream Puffs as well, if anyone remembers them? They looked like this product, but cheaper. This particular colour is Rumba and it is quite different to what it looks like in the photo. It is quite a peachy colour and appears even lighter on the skin. I found that with brown skin, it does not work AT ALL. It sort of looks like my lips disappear and blend into my skin? The actual application and formula is lovely. It is very matte, but not drying straight away. I think I am going to purchase a lip liner and it may help with the colour. I have tried mixing it with a darker colour and that also works, but it dries out quite quick.




This is quite a practical product. A skin cleanser which is nourishes the skin and removed make up at the same time. You massage it into the skin and then rinse or remove with tissue. The most disappointing thing about this product though, is the size. It is a sample size, which is fine, but at the back it says Free Sample. This is now the third time Glossybox has sent samples which anyone could get free from a make up counter. It really makes me angry because we pay for the box! Yes, great, this product is £8.99 full size but the fact is, we did not even receive a sample size. Instead, it was free. It’s just annoying and they need to sort it out.




Last but not least, a sun cream! Well, it’s not full coverage but it is quite a handy product to include in the box. This is so handy for the weather now as we get a few days of sunshine and then it is back to normal rain again. Regardless, we still need to be protected from the sun on all days, so I am quite happy with this.It doesn’t smell bad, like a lot of sun creams do and it disappears into the skin quite quickly.


This has been a better box that what I have previously received. That goes from the actual design of the box, to the products inside. Both of the make-up products have been used regularly and I will use the other 3 creams. If Glossybox keep sending free samples though, I think I will unsubscribe, as it is not worth the money! I forgot to mention that they did send a packet of Proper Corn, which was a bit random and odd. I didn’t eat it, in fact I think my husband did, as soon as he saw it. Just thought I would mention it!

Until next time!



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