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Clearly this month will include summer items. I feel like I have only just posted my last review on this box, but it’s that time again! I loved the collectors edition box last month and was a little disappointed with the standard box. Although it separates them from other beauty boxes, I feel like Glossy Box should make featured boxes. It would just make the use of the box easier. Although, I know a lot of people who use the empty boxes in their dressing tables, for make up. That is quite a good idea, to be fair.

2016-06-10 12.26.03

Anyway, the new Glossy Card is pretty cool. I think it was the same last month, but before that, the card was presented in a different way. I like how they photograph the items and how they list the items on the card. I also like reading what the Editor has to say about this month’s box. This month I had enough Glossy Dot’s to get the box for free. If you didn’t know, Glossy Dots are basically points that you earn for reviewing each product. I think you get 20 points for each survey completed and you need 1000 Glossy Dot’s to get a free box.


So this is what I received inside:

2016-06-10 12.30.44


FULL SIZE £19.99

2016-06-10 12.27.44

This is going to come in handy when I go on holiday, later in the year. My husband suffers more from sunburn. I also will need protection, but for some reason I don’t tan or burn. Is it because I’m brown skinned? I don’t know. Regardless, I know that I still need protection from the sun’s rays. This is a spray sun screen which is a good idea. I hate the idea of applying a cream onto my face and skin. I will definitely be using this when I am away.



2016-06-10 12.28.13

Another tiny sample size. That is what I thought when I picked this out of the box. Origins is a well known brand, so I was happy to receive a product from them, but why such a small sample. This is an eye cream for reducing bags and dark circles. I suffer with both, so this product is welcomed! I tried a little bit and my under eye section does feel a bit better. It doesn’t feel puffy but at the same time, I think I prefer those roller ball eye creams that instantly refresh the under eye area. Also, this sample size turned out to be really good because you genuinely only need a teeny tiny bit.



2016-06-10 12.28.30

Now I wasn’t too happy when I read the sneak peek last month, as it showed this product. I really do not like lip/cheek tints and feel like they are a waste of money. When I spotted this product, I had forgotten that it was a tint and could not believe how runny the product was! After reading the product card, I was satisfied with the fact that it was actually a tint and tried it out. I applied it in small dots on my lips and blended it in with my fingertips. I have to say, that it isn’t a bad look. On those moments where you just need a quick refresh, or days that you don’t want to wear make up, but don’t want to look dead, this is suitable to use. It just refreshes your lips and makes them look a bit alive. I like that it isn’t sticky as well.



2016-06-10 12.29.12

If I wasn’t going on holiday, I would have been quite annoyed at receiving this, but I am happy! After Sun is important and even though I don’t tan or burn, my skin is still exposed to the sun. You use this cream after you are out of the sun and it just soothes it. This particular product also helps maintain a tan (if you want one) and smells nice! I like the packaging of the bottle as well.



2016-06-10 12.29.56

I am far too lazy to exfoliate but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to. I was intrigued with this product and look forward to using it. It’s a sponge that you can use in the shower and it is made in Japan. Apparantly Konjac sponges are made from the natural fibres of konjac, which is a root vegetable, native to Asia. It is known for it’s ability to hold water. I guess that’s good when it comes to traits of a sponge! You are meant to soak it in water water, squeeze and then massage over the skin using circular motions. The card also states that you can use a foam cleanser with it, which I will be doing! This was a good product to add to the box.



2016-06-10 12.27.59

This was a bonus product in the box, as we have already received 5 products. I think it is quite a good sample size to give. I would normally be annoyed with a hair product but since I’ve tried to Naobay hair masks from previous Glossy Boxes, I don’t mind treatments for the hair! I also think that this does not have coconut in it, so I am able to use it. I don’t have damaged hair, but it would be good to give it a good condition, so I am quite happy with this product! The card does state that a full size bottle would cost £1.09. Somehow I think that was a misprint or the sample size cost. I have had a look on Boots and it’s £4.99 at the moment, for a 250ml bottle.


After 3 awful boxes, I am quite happy with the June box. If I wasn’t going on holiday, I would have been disappointed, but it has worked out for me this month. The sun protection products will be used on holiday, the hair conditioner and eye cream will be used. I loved the sponge and will try it out and even liked the lip tint!

Until next time!



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