Stressed Out.. | RAMBLINGS

When I started this blog, it was mostly about life with a baby. Over time, it became more about reviews and opinions, but that’s okay. Sometimes, I just want to vent though. My daughter is 20 months old now. I keep thinking 21 for some reason, but her birthday is in October, so 20 months is correct! She has always been very independent and normally a really fuss-free, happy child. Every one always said I was lucky, as she ate EVERY thing I gave her, slept through the night, didn’t cause me any issues and was just generally a lovable baby. If anything, she was a bit cold – she didn’t like hugging or anything like that.

Now that she is nearly 2, I am going through a nightmare. I know that this is meant to happen, but I am just shocked at how different she is. I am having so many issues with eating. I make all the same meals and she picks at it. She used to love vegetables and now she won’t even glance at them. Some days she is fine, but most days, I have a daily battle with food. Her sleeping pattern has also changed. She does still sleep through the night, but she doesn’t always nap. That might sound okay to you, but nap time is my RELAXING time! It’s the only time in the day that I get a few hours to myself to just do nothing. Well, let’s be honest, I use the time to do housework and other chores, but still. I’m just me again.

If that wasn’t enough, the biggest change has been her personality. She is a bright little funny girl and I love her, but she has become super clingy. If I am not in her line of vision, she starts whimpering. She moans all the time and whines. For no reason. I love the hugs and the kisses but sometimes I just want to sit on my own. I don’t understand why she only does this to me though and not her dad, or the rest of the family? I also know this sounds like I am complaining, but I am just trying to get my head around it.

I know the days will go by fast and soon she won’t want a hug, or she will start to choose what she wants to do. I just am overwhelmed by it all and she isn’t even 2 yet. For all those with young children, how long do I have to wait before I can have a long shower again? Or have my meal to myself? Go the toilet in peace without an audience? Lie in?



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