June Favourites! | FAVOURITES

I feel like I haven’t blogged in ages! Last month was absolutely hectic and I haven’t had any time until now to post my June favourites, even though we are in July now! Anyway, this is what I have loved in the month of June.

BABY Animals

This month E has been into all types of animals. She is getting older and at 20 months, she is noticing animals. We have 2 cats at home and she absolutely loves them. She will follow them around, play with them and just love them. I think it’s so cute and even though my cats are both adult cats now, they still don’t mind playing with her. I have noticed it more this month, but she is also really into dogs! Every time we go to a friends house and they have a dog, you can see her eyes light up. I love the fact that she is into animals because as a child, I never had a pet. I didn’t understand the love for an animal and I am happy that she will.

BOOKS Me Before You by Jojo Moyes

This book has been made into a film this month, but for some reason, I had just not even read the book ( I 100% want to see the film!) My sister purchased it and was so emotional after reading it, that I had to read it myself. Me Before You is about a young woman who loses her job and doesn’t know what to do with her life. She ends up taking the only available job as a carer for a man who was left severely disabled after a motorcycle accident. This story as about their lives and how they combine. It is beautiful. I cannot describe it, in any other way. Regarding the story line, I have read many books with the same one. For me though, this book stood out. It is written beautifully. Every single character is likeable. I don’t really know who I would pick as a favourite. I felt sorry for Will (the disabled man) because of his situation, but I also loved Thomas (the main characters baby nephew!) If you haven’t read it already, I would totally recommend it. It is a perfect book.



Big Brother 2016

Big Brother is finally back and I am loving it. I watched Big Brother back when Davina was the  presenter but I only watched the launch night and the eviction shows. After I got married, my husband was a huge fan, so I would watch it with him and now I love it. If you have never heard of it, Big Brother is a reality TV show, where 12 people are thrown into a house together with no communication from the outside world. When it first started, it was a social experiment and has now just turned into entertainment. I think I featured the Celebrity version in a favourites post a few months ago. This time round, it’s just normal people. I just love the personalities and the drama.


Devious Maids

I just started watching this show and I am in love already. My little sister kept telling me to watch it but for some reason I kept putting it off. (Like I did with Suits, Switched At Birth, Once Upon A Time – I should really listen to my sister) I was looking for something to watch the other week and came across Devious Maids, on Sky Box Sets. Since I have all the episodes, I thought, why not! I loved it from the first five minutes. Devious Maids is about 5 maids who look/clean after rich families. The show follows the main 4 maids after the 5th one is murdered. The maids are all latina, which is pretty cool. Eva Longoria produced the show and you can tell, because it is so much like Desperate Housewives. She has even used some of the same actors! Even so, I like the story it tells. The maids are hilarious and each have their own issues. There is a mother and daughter – the daughter Valentina, is in love with her employers son and the mother, Zoila, is trying to protect her. Then you have Rosie, who is a maid for a famous couple and she is trying to bring her son to America. Next is Carmen, a wannabe singer, who is a maid for a famous singer and is trying to get him to listen to her music. Finally, Marisol, who is looking after 2 families  and doesn’t seem like she is actually a maid…

It’s awesome, so watch it!




I am currently typing up this post in my PJ’s. They have become my best friend during this month. As I am on holiday from work for most of the month, I tend to not bother with getting changed. I just keep changing into different PJ’s but not in day clothes. They are just so comfortable and I own so many pairs. I actually think that I have a bit of an obsession with owning different types of PJ’s! At the moment, my favourite is probably the Harry Potter ones. By the way, I get all of my pyjamas at Primark, because that shop is so cheap and so awesome for PJ’s!

APP Cooking Tale

I first started playing this game on Facebook. It is another cooking game where you have to serve different dishes and meet different goals every level. I loved it but it was hard to play on my laptop – too slow and I would just get annoyed. This month I found it in the Play Store and was overjoyed. I absolutely love it. I pretty much play it at least a few times a day and love the challenges. Some levels are easy but honestly, most of the levels are ridiculously hard to play. It is free and well worth getting!


MUSICGnash ft Olivia O’Brien – I hate you, I love you

I haven’t listened to a lot of music this month, but this particular song does stand out. At first, I didn’t like it because I thought the lyrics were weird. Then, I actually listened to it properly and the lyrics are what makes this song so good! It is such a realistic thing that they are talking about and the melody is really good. I have never heard any other song from both artists, so it is good to find something new.


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