Birchbox July Review | BEAUTY

This month, the Birchbox arrived later than normal! Since I joined, they have always sent the box in the first week of every month. This time, I was waiting two weeks! Needless to say I was VERY excited when it came through the post. I have also been thinking about cancelling my subscription, just simply because I subscribe to 3 different boxes and I don’t really need to! More on that later. I thought the design of this months box was very cute.

2016-07-09 18.25.41

Onto the contents of the box!

2016-07-09 18.29.58

LOC Millie Ultra Gloss Lip Pencil in Bohemian Rose

RRP £9 (full size)

2016-07-09 18.28.31

All subscribers knew this box would include this lip pencil, designed by Millie Mackintosh herself. I was intrigued to see what the formula would be like and how long lasting it would be. Firstly, I love the packaging. I think the LOC brand looks so expensive (and it really is not) plus the shade that Millie picked is actually really nice. I normally don’t gravitate towards pinks because I am a little darker skinned, so sometimes it washes out my lips. However, I love this product. The formula is creamy and very long lasting. I wore it for work and it stayed put the entire day. It is a little sticky when first applied, but then you can barely feel it. I think I will be investing in some more colours and the matte lip pencils as well!

John Frieda Luxurious Volume 7 Day In Shower Treatment

RRP £9.99 (full size)

2016-07-09 18.27.38

All subscribers were also given a choice of which full size John Frieda product they wanted in their box this month. You could pick the in shower volume treatment, or the Frizz Ease Primer. I already own the Frizz Ease, so I decided to go for the volume treatment. Unfortunately, I did not get very far with trying it out as I could not get the pump to work. I have twisted it in every direction I can think of, but nothing comes out of the pump. The only way I can get any product out of it, is to actually unscrew the cap and turn the product upside down! I will try to get my husband to have a look at it for me, as I may be doing something wrong. Still look forward to trying it out though. It seems pretty easy – shower and condition hair. Then apply 3-4 pumps of the product onto the roots and underside of hair. Wait 3 minutes, then wash out!

Nails Inc.

RRP £15 (sample size)

2016-07-09 18.28.16

I really enjoy getting nail polish in my box, because I love it. Nails Inc are such a good brand and not one I would normally buy, due to how expensive they are. I was a little annoyed at the teeny tiny sample size that was sent this month. I was even more annoyed at the colour. It’s a horrible pale pink, that will 100% look bad on me, as my skin is a little darker and this type of pink does not suit me. The icing on top of the cake was when i tried to open it to try out. I could not get it open. This was different to the John Frieda product as the only way to open it is to unscrew the lids and the lid will not budge. I went onto Birchbox’s Faceboook page and found that some other people had the same issue. I have sent them a message now, to see if I can get another one. Disappointed in this!

Caudalie Micellar Cleansing Water

RRP £15 (travel size)

2016-07-09 18.27.59

In the first Birchbox I received, I was sent a full size Bioderma Micellar Water, which was one of the best things I received from them. I am almost at the end of it now – meaning it has lasted me 5 months – so I was happy to get another brand to try out! I haven’t tried it yet, but the reviews on the brand look really good. If it works, I will probably buy it from the Birchbox shop itself. It’s also a good size to take on holiday.

Elemis Hydra Boost Day Cream

RRP £39 (travel size)

2016-07-09 18.27.48

I knew I was not going to get away with not getting a cream. I have so many samples just sitting around, waiting for me to try out. This will just be added to that box. I currently do not have a good skincare routine, so I need to sort that out before I can try out day creams. You are normally meant to use them after cleansing. I will have to report back on this. The sample size is quite good though, as its small enough to take in a travel bag but big enough to try it out properly!


This box was quite a good mixture. They covered skincare, nails, make-up, hair and face. Obviously I was disappointed with 2 products not opening(!) but I will try and get that all sorted out. I still need to browse through the Birchbox shop and buy something with the points I have accumulated and I also am not sure whether I want to stick with the subscription or not. Having said that, this month I will use every single product, so it isn’t really THAT bad. Next months sneak peek is a Birch BAG which seems interesting!



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