My Little Coconut Box | BEAUTY

I was quite intrigued to see what I would get in my My Little Box this month. Last month was quite good and with a summer theme, I didn’t know how they would top it. For some reason, this month I didn’t even visit the My Little Box Facebook page, to see what hints they were giving about the July theme. Imagine my HORROR when I opened the parcel to find that this month’s theme was COCONUT!!!

For those who don’t follow my blog and know from previous reviews, I am actually allergic to coconut. It’s quite annoying as coconut is healthy and good for you. It also happens to be a key ingredient in beauty products AND it’s completely on trend right now. *sigh* So, my heart sank and my expectations dropped before I had even opened the box.

So this is what I received this month:

2016-07-11 16.53.36

Regardless of the theme, I have to admit that the box does actually look quite pretty. Unfortunately, I won’t be keeping this one as it just annoys me and reminds me of how I am missing out on coconut!

2016-07-11 16.46.32

The very first thing in the box was the usual print. It seems quite funny to me now, but I was looking at every single item slowly and wondering whether the next would be related to coconut or not! The print is actually really pretty but I just don’t see any use for it, so I’m afraid it will go in the recycling bin!

I love when MLB wrap the products up so you can’t see what they are straight away. Obviously this one says passport holder on the front, but I didn’t actually see it straight away and didn’t know what was inside. I love the envelope and the bow on the back is such a pretty touch! Even better than that, is the actual passport holder. Look how cute it actually is. I LOVE the print. It feels so summery but at the same time, I would keep my passport in it for any season. The quality seems really good and my passport does look good inside. I am actually really happy with this product, as I was looking to purchase one. I am due to go on holiday in a few months and knew that purchasing a passport holder would be ideal in the long run. Now I don’t have to!

2016-07-11 16.47.11


The next item also came wrapped up in a box. I thought it might be make up of some sort, but then I saw the Stella&Dot logo on the side and knew that it would be jewellery. I was pleasantly surprised at the bracelet as it’s really cut! I love the little tassle at the end and the gold is really pretty. Obviously I went to try it on straight away and then came the issues. Firstly, I couldn’t get it on. The size is REALLY teeny tiny so it’s hard to slip on. I then undid the clasp and tried to put it on, which did work. However, I couldn’t get the clasp to hook on. Whilst trying to do that, the other end of the chain broke and I had only had it for 5 minute. How disappointing! I did email Customer Services and they kindly arranged for a replacement to be sent out to me, so that was quite nice!

Okay, onto the beauty products now!

2016-07-11 16.49.10

So far I had gotten away with products that did not contain coconut. My joy was short lived as along comes this face mist. It is a My Little Beauty own product and it’s basically after sun in a mist form. This would have been a PERFECT product to take on holiday with me, had it not been for the pure coconut in it. I knew straight away that I would not be able to use this.

2016-07-11 16.49.43

Onto the second product and would you look at that. ANOTHER product containing coconut. This is a perfume, from Yves Rocher. I was quite annoyed that I couldn’t use it, but I will be passing this along to one of my sisters, or maybe a friend at work. It is a sample size, but it’s also quite a generous sample. I like the packaging, but I can’t really use it!

2016-07-11 16.49.58

The last beauty product is a hand gel. At first I was disappointed because it’s quite a boring product to get. After looking at the info cards, I changed my mind as this would be perfect to take on holiday. Unfortunately, I then spotted the Coco Rico sign – this contains pieces of coconut. So, all 3 beauty products were part of the Coconut theme.

As a bonus item, MLB also sent a sample of this oil. It is meant to help dry and damaged hair. It does look pretty good and I have had a look through the ingredients, which do not show coconut extracts in it, so that is great news! I have not tried it out yet, but will report back on whether it made a difference to my hair or not.


I feel quite split about this box. On one hand, 3 products are completely worthless to me. I cannot use them as they contain coconut. I am annoyed about the fact that they were all the beauty products. On the other hand, the other 2 lifestyle items were really well though out. The value of them is more than the whole box. If it wasn’t for the fact that the bracelet broke, I would actually still be satisfied with this months box.



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