Alfie Deyes – Hackney Empire Show

It has been 5 months since I last blogged and I am disappointed in myself. There just didn’t seem to be anything that I wanted to write about and I felt very uninspired. However, this weekend, I did something amazing and I just have so much to say that I had to type something up!


Yes. THE Alfie Deyes.

Okay, wait, I didn’t ACTUALLY meet him. On Saturday, I went to his Live Event at Hackney Empire in London. It was a Q&A with Emma Gannon and he simply answered questions. I was a few rows from the front and was so close that I could even see the detailing in his trainers, so I might as well have met him. So let’s start from the beginning.


Alfie Deyes is a British Vlogger on YouTube. For anyone who doesn’t know, vlogging is simply recording your day on video and posting it online. He posts roughly 10 minutes of an edited day, on YouTube. He is sitting on almost 4 million followers. Yep, that is a LOT of people.


I found Alfie’s videos when I was on maternity leave. Sick, tired and with nothing to do, I found myself on YouTube, watching make-up tutorial videos. I came across Zoella, whom I’ve been watching for years. I then found Alfie. His video’s just made me feel better about my day and he inspired me to just be a better person. Even when I gave birth and my daughter was in critical condition for a few months, I found myself gravitating towards him on YouTube, for comfort.

I always felt like his fan’s were quite young though. Teenage girls, to be specific, so whenever he did any meet ups or events, I never went. This time though, something in me just said go for it! I purchased tickets and off we went.

screenshot_20170716-224101.pngCan I just say, Hackney Empire Theatre is BREATHTAKING. It is so beautiful inside and it feels so old and full of laughter. It’s one of those places where you can imagine people years and and years ago, sitting down and watching a performance.

The actual show in itself was surprising good. I say that, because how interesting can an hour long Q&A really be? I found that the hour went by so quick because of Alfie. It is so weird to see him in real life and not on YouTube. He really is that tall, his hair is actually that little bit blonde and his laugh is ACTUALLY that infectious! He was so charming, so funny and just so real when he was answering questions.

There were a few negatives that I want to mention though. Firstly, the show was meant to be 2 hours long. When I actually got the tickets, it said 1 hour 15 minutes but it ended up only being an hour. I feel that it could have been longer. Secondly, I feel there could have been more audience participation. They did a section where the audience could ask Alfie a question but there wasn’t enough time spent on it. I just feel like it would have been more of an experience if I had more of a chance to get involved? Finally, this is not really a negative but just an observation. When Alfie has done events or meet up’s before, he has vlogged quite a lot. He picked his camera up once during the event and even in his vlog today, there was barely any footage. I think it is one of the big things you look forward to, if you do meet him. The question is, did you make it onto the vlog! Screenshot_20170716-224048

Regardless of all that above, I did actually have an amazing time. I am 27 years old and feel very conscious that his fan’s are so young. I saw a lot of parents with their kids and there were only a few people that looked like they were my age, on their own at the event. Despite that, I am still so happy that I went. For £12, you get to see Alfie, watch a hilarious show, get a signed copy of his new book and 100 lucky people had the chance to actually meet him as well.


It was a brilliant day and I look forward to the next event!


Until next time!




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