Potty Training Diaries.. DAY 3-12

I didn’t want to flood my blog with daily potty Diaries, so I’ve held off a little bit! We are currently on day 12, with potty  training. 

On Day 3 E did a wee in the potty by herself. In fact she went by herself. What I found was that I stopped shouting and getting frustrated and instead let her decide when to sit on the potty. I kept reminding her every half hour to use the potty when she needed to and I left the room. This really worked for her as she preferred to be by herself. Also, I found if I gave her a toy or book, she would be happier sitting on the potty. 

Day 3 went brilliantly. Over the next few days she would sit on the potty without crying. I even sent her to her nans house and she only had 2 accidents! 

I ventured out for a few hours with her and my husband, on Day 9. I took the potty with me and just sat her on it in the public toilets. E absolutely hated it as she has a huge fear of hand dryers! 

The next day I sat her on the toilet and now we have stopped using the potty. We’ve barely had any accidents and she is so happy and proud of herself. 

It has taken me 12 full days to get her comfortable without a nappy. The real test will begin when I go back to work tomorrow, as she will have to learn to tell someone else that she needs to go! 

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