Blogmas 2017 #Day 18 December Favourites 

I was just sitting in bed watching Zoella on YouTube and realised that I had completely forgotten to write a blog post for today! That means it’s time for a favourites blog post!

I’ve been having a good month with music so I have a few favourites. I am absolutely loving Zayn Malik – Dusk Til Dawn at the moment but also really into Khalid – Silence. Both are very different from the other but they move me and make me feel something. I love it when music does that. 

Its winter so it’s no surprise that my favourite piece of clothing is a coat! It’s brand new and purchased from Next for £50. I love it because it’s a beautiful dark purple colour which fits me perfectly but it has a fleece material inside so I’m completely warm when I wear it! 

It is Vlogmas so ofcourse i am loving Zoella and Tanya Burr right now. I’m also really into Niki DeMar. I really do feel like I should branch out and watch new talent but I’m so comfortable with the YouTubers that i already watch! 

At the moment i am completely hooked on Jane The Virgin. If you haven’t watched it yet, please. Netflix it. It’s absolutely hilarious. A basic synopsis is that Jane is a virgin who accidentally gets inseminated with her bosses sperm 😂😂😂 i mean who comes up with this stuff! But it’s literally the best show I have seen in ages and I’m almost on Season 3.

Like most people i am guilty of not looking after my skin. In these last few months I have purchased the L’Oréal hydrate moisturiser and it is amazing. My skin feels so much better and looks better aswell. You only need one small pump a day so it will last for ages. 

Make up favourites this month has to be my. Urban Decay Naked Heat pallette. I have been reaching for it every single morning. It had so many beautiful warm tone colours and i can make so many different looks with it. I’ve also loved the Eyelure three quarters accent lashes this month! I don’t do well with fake lashes anymore but I find that these are brilliant. You can layer them up and they don’t feel heavy, yet give you much fuller lashes. Also, they are so easy to apply. 

I have been constantly opening my Top Cashback app this month, which really does come in handy considering its Christmas! You simply shop through the website and get cashback for free. It’s brilliant and easy to use. 

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