Blogmas 2017 #Day 20 Christmas Hamper Ideas

There are a lot of gift guides out there which are really good, but i love a hamper. I was thinking about doing a little gathering at my new house. Im not entirely sure if its pre Christmas, pre boxing day or for New Years yet 😂

I had a thought to do a little hamper for everyone I am inviting. It got me thinking about table favours and ideas for them, which led me to nothing. So here are a few ideas of things to put into a hamper OR as a table favour during Christmas. 

1. Something monogrammed. Everyone loves things with their name or initials on it! I was thinking about a cup, a candle or even a little mirror (key ring for the boys)

2. Candles. Everyone loves candles! To make it more Chrismassy it could be festive smells or just a normal mini candle for each guest.

3. Snow Globe. This is probably a little weird but i love a good snow globe and want to start a collection for E. I thought it would look good to have a little festive snow globe as a table favour or a bigger one in the hamper.

4. Chocolate. I think this is a given. I watched Zoe’s YouTube video where she gave an idea of adding their favourite selection box chocolate into a stocking. If you wrapa little ribbin around a few instead, they would look quite cute as a table favour! Failing that, Terry’s Chocolate Orange is a must. 

5. Nail polish! Again this is probably a little weird but if there are more females, most people love nail polishes. A few of them with a pack of chocolates is a good littlr favor bag!

6. Cards! For a hamper, a few little cards is a cute idea. This coild be funny themed cards or an Xmas card.. Also, game cards would be quite nice like Uno or a deck of cards.

7. Cheese. I have recently become obsessed with cheese. Adding a small packet of crackers and a nice cheese is a thoughtful little hamper gift. 


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